Jemima Kirke’s Baby Bump Photo Shoot

Girls star Jemima Kirke bares her baby bump for Vice in a photo shoot. The expectant actress, 27, opens up about being mom to 1-year-old daughter Rafaella, her future dating advice and raising her kids in New York City.

On dating advice if she has a boy: “If I have a boy, I’ll probably just tell him to be nice to women. Being humble and sweet is the hardest thing you can do. Stay confident and don’t act desperate, because I guarantee whomever you’re into actually sucks way more than you think they do. There is always something they’re not telling you that will bring them down a notch in your eyes.”

On raising her kids in NYC: “For now, yes, definitely, I think New York is a great place to grow up.”

On if her son turns out like Adam, Hannah’s boyfriend on the show: “If my son turned out like that I’d actually be proud! He’s a smart and intuitive guy once you get to know him, but he’s really dark and that can be incredibly seductive and potent. I’d be worried if my daughter ended up with someone like that and would hope she was in a good place prior to getting involved, because that type of darkness can destroy a person. I’ll probably be freaking out on the inside, but I’d like my kids to feel like capable and independent human beings. I’m here for guidance or if they need me; I’m not going to tell them who they should be.”

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Photo credit: Vice

  • Bloopie

    Was the photographer really professional?

    • Anonymous

      I know right I think and person off the street could have taken these photos.

    • Jam

      Hahahahaha I was thinking the same thing…

  • Ivy

    these photos are total white trash. i feel sorry for that baby.

  • slim charles

    omg lol


  • Lizzie

    The picture of her on the bed is nice

  • ashley

    so awkward, i’m embarrassed for her.

  • Anonymous

    That’s special.

  • Holly

    Duh, that’s Vice Magazines style, a la Terry Richardson. It’s an ironic hipster take on white trash pregnancy, it’s not meant to be taken seriously.
    Some of you need to get a clue!

    • SMH

      Yes because all of us know what this magazine is or who the photographer is!!! *eye roll*

      Photos look more like a porn shoot. Sorry not cute no matter what image your trying to portray!

  • Sarah

    I honestly have no clue who she is…and i’m sorry..but in these pictures she scares me…lol.
    I am not sure if she normally looks like that..but either way…not what id call professional photos…thought I was looking at gag facebook photos or something…lol all imo

  • Sally Ann

    I don’t care what kind of “style” the photographer emulates. A trashy picture is a trashy picture. These are ones that I wouldn’t even have taken of myself with a friend. Awful, awful.

  • Alyssa

    WOW….Ummmm, Classy….NOT!

  • Leah

    wow these are UGLY she looks like a pig, a fat pig not classy at all, i would be so embarrassed if that way\s my mom.

    • Angela

      and your classy calling a pregnant woman a fat pig??? your an embarrassment…

      • Jam

        *you’re an embarrassment…for real, lol :]

  • Gayle

    First of all, I don’t know who the heck this girl is, second of all, these pics are so trashy looking! It looks like someone took them from their disposable camera and are pictures that shouldn’t even be shown to the whole world. The pics look like they belong in a redneck magazine! LOL! Again, who the heck is she?

  • Shana

    I for one commend her for these pics. I don’t really care for the style of them but more props to an actress for showing it all when you are past the “cute” stage of pregnancy like 4-6 months. Thanks to her for putting it all out there.

  • popsykl

    funny..i was coming in to comment on the poor quality photos…………..bit late me thinks

  • emma jane

    It’s Vice, people. Not Cosmopolitan Pregnancy. Look it up.

  • laura

    This woman is weird..

  • Kasey

    Hmmm, try not to condemn me, but I find this very gross for some reason. I usually don’t find pregnancy pictures gross at all, but when I look at this, I don’t know, I get weirded out for some reason. Strange, And still gross.

  • Zombieee

    All you people seriously live in a box. She is an actress from the HBO show Girls. If this were meant to be a glamorous Hollywood pregnancy shoot that you close-minded people are used too, it would have been. If anything, you guys got the point of this shoot, to show a level non elegance.. DUH!

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