Holly Madison: Pregnant Princess

Mom-to-be Holly Madison was a pregnant princess in Anaheim, Calif. on Tuesday (October 9). Joined by her Peepshow co-star Josh Strickland, the former Playboy Playmate dressed up as Princess Aurora at Mickeys Halloween Party in Disneyland.

“I’m so excited to go to the Disneyland Halloween Party tomorrow!!” Holly tweeted Monday. “I hope I still fit into my Sleeping Beauty costume.”

The Girls Next Door star recently celebrated her baby shower with her Peepshow colleagues.

The blonde beauty is expecting her first child in March with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella.

“Definitely being with the right guy has a lot to do with it,” Holly recently said of being ready for motherhood. My relationship is awesome. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my personal life.”

Rotella is currently on bail and facing up to 13 years in jail on charges of bribery and embezzlement.

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  1. A

    I think Holly looks gorgeous but isn’t it against the rules at Disneyland for adults to dress up as characters? I know it’s Halloween but she looks JUST like one of princesses and I can see children getting confused.

  2. Anne

    *makes note to self to steer children to real Princess Aurora, not x rated Princess Aurora*

  3. Sarah

    Holly looks great..hope she had a blast at the party! She really does look like Aurora..perfect costume!

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