Bruce Jenner Is A Happy Grandpa

Grandpa Bruce and Mason are chillin’ in California!

“So happy to be his grandpa,” a proud Bruce Jenner captions the above sweet snapshot via Instagram.

Bruce also added an “old, yet beautiful picture” of the entire Kardashian crew in their younger years.

On Monday, Bruce shared a gorgeous shot of his stepdaughter Kourtney with newborn daughter Penelope.

What a proud family man!

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Photo credit: Instagram


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  1. brooke

    I’m like 99% sure that is not Bruce’s Instagram account.

  2. Anonymous

    Does Bruce wear earrings? That’s just sad.

  3. Anonymous

    Bruce used to be so handsome back in his Olympic days. Plastic surgery ruined it all.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree plastic surgery ruined him. Mason has an enormous head.

  5. Nina D.

    Bruce seems to be a wonderful Grandfather! People need to stop hating on him. He’s an Olympic hero and legend. And he loves his family, even though he’s the ‘Stepfather’ and the ‘Step Grandfather’. He sees all of them as his children and his grandchildren.

  6. SunsetGrill

    He could be a really beautiful Drag Queen

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