Three Generations: Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian & Penelope

Bruce Jenner is one proud family man!

The day after posting a sweet snapshot with his grandson Mason, 2, the former Olympian shared a gorgeous photo showing three generations of Kardashian women: wife Kris Jenner, stepdaughter Kourtney Kardashian and her 3-month-old daughter Penelope.

“Penelope, my grand daughter. Love Her #Angel @kourtneykardash @krisjenner,” Bruce wrote via Instagram.

And on Monday, Bruce shared a beautiful shot of his Kourtney cuddling Penelope.

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  1. Stephanie

    There is no way that is a recent picture. Penelope looks newborn here. My daughter is 3 months and has good head control. This one is still wobbly as you can tell so its def a pic from awhile ago.

  2. Anonymous

    Not a cute baby. Their mix didn’t produce cute kids.

    • haley

      it really sounds like you talking about a dog…their “mix”. This baby isn’t the most adorable I have ever seen, but I think everyone needs to remember that a photo is only a snapshot in time…a baby doesn’t know how to put it’s best foot forward in a picture! I’m sure as she grows up she will be a little stunner!

  3. anne

    why ‘stepdaughter” ? Kourtney is her daughter, not her stepdaughter.

  4. bubbles

    hahaha. I can’t wait for the “she is so beautiful” comments to pour in!

  5. Kristine

    You who are mothers should be ashamed to say anything negative about this baby. How would you feel if someone said something nasty about your child. I am sick of the mommy bullies

  6. Anonymous

    Why are you SO SURE that she will be a stunner?

  7. Evie

    Why are you all so rude?! Every baby is beautiful. Just because you guys might hate the Kardashians doesn’t mean you have to hate Penelope and Mason as well. They didn’t choose this life. If they grow up away from fame are you still going to feel the same or are you suddenly going to LOVE them? Get a life.

  8. anonymous

    Nobody is hating the babies. They’re just expressing an opinion that they don’t think she is overly good looking.

  9. Alli

    If this family weren’t on a popular reality show right now this is a baby you’d walk right by and all of you know it.

  10. Anonymous

    Evie – it’s called an opinion and anyone has a right to one. If this bothers you, then you shouldn’t come on this site.

    I agree Alli – they’d walk by a lot of babies if they didn’t have celebrity parents.

  11. Kasey

    I’m not one of these people who thinks all babies are beautiful, but I do think they are all adorable. (I feel the same way about puppies and kittens.) I do think she’s cute, however, people get their panties in a bunch for expressing an opinion. If someone doesn’t think she’s cute, they’re allowed to express it. She’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay. But I still think she’s cute. Some of you people can’t tell me you’ve never looked at a baby and thought, maybe she’s not that beautiful, but that child is still adorable. Just my opinion…

  12. Anon

    I agree. All babies are not beautiful. Some are gorgeous, some not so much…we are all human, and that’s what makes the world interesting, that everyone looks and is different! And everyone should have a right to say what they want on here, but I do get sick of the people who bash other people for not saying all babies are gorgeous no matter what. I think this little one is cute; that is my opinion and I have a right to it. I also think Billie Dane is not cute or pretty at all (I won’t say ugly though, that is just mean), that’s my opinion, and again, I have a right to it. So does everyone else on here! But please stop being so self righteous as to bash others who do not think every baby is cute. Nobody thinks every baby on earth is cute- no matter what they may say!

    • laura

      I agree with the method: I hate when people insult you just because you said a child is not pretty. Just like adults, there are beautiful, cute, normal, interesting, ordinary and ugly children, and since this is a gossip site we are fee to comment, especially if we do it politely.
      Btw, I think Billie Dane is absolutely gorgeous, she’s a doll! You see, we have different opinions and both of us can express them nicely.
      About Penelope, I think it’s early to judge. When babies are just a few months old their features are not yet well formed, you cannot really say what they’re gonna be. I think she has the potential to be really cute. I don’t think Mason is beautiful, especially with that hair, but he’s so sweet it melts my heart when he speaks on KUWTK..

  13. Hope

    Come on guys! It’s a baby…well actually she looks like a newborn here. But she is a BABY you don’t know what she will look like when she gets older but she has a long way to go and nobody should judge a baby. It’s just rude and ugly for people to say things like that about a little baby girl who is still so young and tiny.

  14. Anabelle

    She could grow up pretty. Jamie Lynn Spears daughter was a hideous baby, but she’s cute now. x

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