Kendra Wilkinson: “We Get Cranky If We’re Not Having Our Fun Time”

Kendra Wilkinson admits she and husband Hank Baskett get cranky when they get interrupted by their son Hank Jr.

The Kendra On Top star tells Life & Style, “‘[My least favourite part of parenthood] is when Little Hank doesn’t want to sleep. We get cranky if we’re not having our fun time.”

The always open reality star also admitted her husband gets on her nerves stating, ”When he finishes my sentences, I can’t stand it. It’s cute but sometimes I want to finish it. Let me finish my damn sentences Hank.”

All that aside – the couple are still together and do eventually want more children.

Kendra explained, ”It’s whenever the time is right, we’re not forcing it. But you never know. Hank could always use a sibling.”



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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin


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I can’t stand Kendra but little Hank is adorable and they seem like good parents.


Agreed! But I think he does need a haircut. Actually a little trim! His hair isn’t ugly, but whether they like it or not. Every child needs a haircut at some point! I know it’s difficult. My daughters are biracial too. My oldest has the same hair as Lil’Hank and even the same length. My oldest is 3 and the youngest just turned 4 months!


I think he needs a little trim as well, but that’s just my opinion. Or ours rather *wink*. I’ve noticed people on here get really defensive if you mention “he needs a haircut”. LOL It really turns into a whole debate. But yes, one of my nephews is biracial and he has super curly light brown/blonde-ish hair and they keep it cut because it’s hard to keep his hair brushed and not tangled up. Regardless, super adorable. All of them!


He looks like a little girl with the long blonde hair.Maybe when they cut it he would look more like a boy.