Bill & Giuliana Rancic: “The Wheels Are In Motion” For Baby No. 2

Just seven weeks into parenthood, Giuliana Rancic and husband Bill reveal they’re ready for baby No. 2.

“We’ve got a few embryos on ice. They’re ready to go!” Giuliana tells Life & Style. “A lot of people have one kid and it’s enough. But for us, we’re just having so much fun that we’d love to have another child.”

And they’re thinking sooner rather than later.

“The wheels are in motion,” Bill confirms. “We already have plans in the works!”

After Giuliana’s battle with breast cancer and subsequent double mastectomy, her chances of carrying a child has been delayed.

“We’d have to go down the surrogacy path again,” she shares. “Thankfully, before I went on my medication, we did another round of [in vitro fertilization], so we have embryos ready to go.”

After a positive experience with their son Duke‘s gestational carrier, Delphine, they would consider her again. “She’s just a good person,” says Giuliana, who regularly texts Delphine and plans to visit her throughout the year.

For more on Bill and Giuliana’s plans for baby No. 2, pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style Weekly on newsstands now.

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Photo credit: Life & Style

  • Mia

    Their nanny must be p***ed ;D

    • rachel

      Why??? she gets a generous salary…. She will be gainfully employed for a bit longer….

  • eliz

    What a suprise, these 2 famewh*res are back on the literary masterpiece Life & Style trying to stay relevant.. Ha!

  • Rose

    How many magazine covers, interviews, and photo sessions does this make now since that baby was born? Can’t they go one week, or even ONE DAY without exploiting their personal life for money and attention.

  • anon

    Why don’t they just enoy the new baby they have longed for all these years???

    enough with them already.

    • carole

      You mean how dare they have more children???

      • Bloopie

        How dare they not cherish this child they have been waiting for, for so long? I am starting to believe that they did not want a child. They want babies, as if they are accessories or little dolls that love you unconditionally. Or they want the attention they will get with that baby. Having children is already pretty selfish but this takes the cake.

        • Anonymous

          Oh please. Do you know how many people have a baby and then say, “I can’t wait to have another!”? It happens every freaking day.

        • anonymous

          you’re an idiot! People have back to back babies all the time. And as a mom of two, NOT having babies is a selfish move. Having kids is a self-less act; you end up devoting your life to another life.

  • SMH

    Magazine covers are so deceiving.

  • N.S

    “A lot of people have one kid and it’s enough. But for us, we’re just having so much fun that we’d love to have another child.”

    So….other women aren’t having more than one because they’re NOT having fun, Giuliana?

    It’s not because you’re having “so much fun”. It’s because 1. You didn’t have to go through pregnancy, 2. You’ve had a baby nurse for the newborn period and you’ll have a nanny from now on, so you get to only “do” the fun bits and 3. More kids = higher ratings = more attention.

    • carole

      She’s been through a lot, so give her a break. I loved going through pregnancy, so I can imagine how she is enjoying her way. And, don’t be so envious of those who have worked for what they have.

    • DaisyMae

      I’m glad someone said it. How many of us moms get a massage at the 4 seasons with a newborn at home? She brags about how much fun it is, yet every time the kid whimpers, the baby nurse is there to take over. I would have had a houseful of kids too if I got to do all the fun stuff and none of the hard work. Give her a soild week alone with a kid who is teething or colicky, and then talk to us about how much fun it is. My kids are older, but I think for new moms, a show like this would make them feel awful about not being gleeful 24 hours a day about how much fun it is. How many scenes do we see them in where it’s just the 2 of them doing what they did before the baby was born? Going for walks, having meals, and getting massages? When our kids were babies, we barely had time to eat a meal together or have a conversation. Totally unrealiastic!

  • laura

    Guys, don’t even waste your words for this pathetic ANTZ..
    (doesn’t she look just like Z?)

  • Leah

    Cant stand her, she is annoying another baby already didnt you already have a baby (well somoneelse did).

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the haters are out in full bloom today.

    • Rose

      Your inability to accept that a person could have a problem with this woman without hating her speaks volumes about your lack of depth and maturity.

      • carole

        Actually, I think the “haters” are immature, and have a lack of “depth”, whatever the heck that is. Do you think that any of them when telling friends and family that they are expecting baby two or three are gonna get “I am so sick of —– and —–having more kids just to get attention?” I doubt they would get that response. So, just because someone is a celebrity, doesn’t mean you have to be hateful to them. I am guessing it is plain envy.

        • rachel

          thanx carole…..well said

        • Rose

          No, it’s not immature to have a problem with the way this couple has exploited every aspect of their personal life to make money and get attention. And it doesn’t make a person a hater for feeling that way. And it certain doesn’t make us jealous. All of you people saying “you’re just jealous haters” sound like a bunch of 12-years-old.

      • Anonymous

        Count me as another who can’t understand why people get so worked up about these people’s reproductive choices.

        They have a baby, they loved it, they want more. Is that REALLY so unusual???

  • Kasey

    Please, not everyone who dislikes her are “haters” or “jealous.” Haven’t you ever just disliked someone because they were annoying? Would that make you a hater? If I were going to be a “hater” for being jealous (I’m aware no one said jealous but I’m sure it’ll come out) it’d be against someone like Megan Fox, whom I love. Not this woman who apparently lives at magazine offices spilling stories every five minutes.

  • Danielle

    I dont even know who these two are????

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for taking the time to share that with us (instead of just Googling who they are and finding out for yourself).

  • Cindy

    I think it’s great they want to have a large family. You people r so mean. I get it they are on mag covers and all, but think about all those other moms that spit out babies one after another. Let them enjoy it!

  • bailey

    I dont understand these two either. neither are relavent. She’s on Today show all the time just telling everything about her personal business that noone cares about anyways. “I have Cancer!…. Im having an Operation…!! Im better now!!…. I cant get preganant!!… We’re having a baby!!… look at my baby!!…enough already!! FAMEWHORES!! nobody gives a **** Go somewhere and sit the down with your ET looking self!!!

    • rachel

      ignore articles about people you are not interested in or are annoyed by

  • Lee

    They are having a babies like it’s just something you can order off of a catalog.
    I hope the first gestational carrier gets to take a restful vacation from the Ranics.

  • sue

    i used to really like these two, but now they are rubbing me the wrong way, enough of them already!

  • Allison

    Mia and N.S.-I agree 100%! When I first read this I thought, this must be a joke. Motherhood is fun…but that is not the only word to describe it. It is equally challenging, tiring, emotional, scary, anxiety fueled..just to name a few. When you are usually only there with your baby after he has slept peacefully and well, has a full belly and a smile on his face because his nanny has taken him out for a stroll and done the other things mentioned, then hells yeah! motherhood is fun. Giulianna, skip the red carpet and the QVC appearances and spend time with the baby you have.

  • NYC Mommy

    I am definitely not a hater but I am irritated by her some of her comments and her T.M.I attitude (him I have been a fan of since first Apprentice).

    I just think she knows how to get under peoples skin….

    My personal opinion is why not spend some time with baby no. 1 before defrosting those embryos.

  • rachel

    I love G and B and want to see them have another…..Maybe G will get her girl this time……

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure she will get her girl… She gets to pick which embryo to use.

      • Brenda

        I agree and thought when the big announcement on show with baby shower the gender of baby. Like they didn’t already pick the gender??!! The baby was conceived in a Petrie dish. I think the biggest way the whole thing rubs me is she is always talking about being a new mom like she could relate to moms but in reality from nannies to gestational carrier she really should stop….

        • rachel

          they chose the sex of the baby????? you are a moron

  • bubbles

    Look at me, look at me, LOOOOOK ATT MEEEEEE, poor me, brave me, mommy me,… wawawawawaaaaa. who are you, again, and why are you relevant?

  • Lila

    What the hell is this? announcing on the cover that they will have another baby, not that they are actually expecting just that they will try for another via a surrogate?

    Seriously i like Giuliana and Bill but all this famewhore selling stories every fortnight to different magazines is ridiculous.

    Each week its something different but why do the magazines keeping buying into it and letting her do it by paying her!

    Doesn’t she feel cheap buy going from source to source to try and sell the story

  • sandra

    I thought that they had only couple of embroys left and one 1 survived. I’m sure heard bill say it on their reality show…. can anyone verify this? anyway, dont believe everything magazines say.. they lie… also she is a nut case for telling everyone… IVF is not always successful… they might not even be successful

  • Anonymous

    Their publicist must be working overtime to milk this beast for all its worth.

  • Judi

    Yeah, you can have 5 another babies if you want to, but just please go home, shut the f*uck up and quit those pathetic interviews! Too much Giuliana definitely!

  • Lesley Flynn

    I know they feel the clock is ticking, but Duke deserves his first few years being all about him. I know these back to back pregnancies happen, happened to my own brother and his wife, and they have no regrets of having their two little girls back to back (even if it wasn’t planned). However, I think it’s nice for the first born to grow into their first few years having it be “all about them:.

    • Anonymous

      So you suggest killing one of each twin? Or two out of each sets of triplets? so that each child born has a few years “being all about him”?

      Dumbest thing I ever heard.

      • laura

        and yours is the dumbest answer I ever heard.

  • Anonymous

    Why diod they try and make her look pregnant in the cover photo?

  • Anon

    I have nothing against the couple. Just do not understand why so much attention to them. They are not famous or have great talent. This cover is a waste.

  • Sophie

    All right, here’s what I think about all this sh…. They met up, he seemed to be interested in her, why I don’t know. They got married, it looked like he paid for everything, giving Mom’s and bridesmaids there dos and toes. Spin forward, he wants to have children, her not so much because she has “E”. Well, she has to at least appear to want to have kids, but she says to herself, if I have a child I can’t do my show because I could never go into front of a camera pregnant, Oh My!!!. So we do a little of this and we do a little of that. If she would have just been willing to gain a little weight, stop starving herself she might have been able to have a successful pregnancy. But, oh no, can’t do that, if I gain weight that would be awful. I bet that girl hasn’t ever had a regular menstrual cycle in her life. So next thing we know she has had a miscarriage and I must say that was a shame. It would have been great for Bill and her to have been able to experience what it’s like to go through a pregnancy. So, flashforward, now we have breast cancer, and most likely because of the drugs she was taking. Now I’m no doctor, but I do recall that being said somewhere in one of those one thousand and one interviews. So she decides to have her breasts removed. So much for breast feeding. In my heart of hearts, I feel she brought all this upon herself for not wanting to have a biological child. Anyway, one surrogate, and one new baby “Duke”. Why can’t she just enjoy him for a while. She’s 37 and Bill is what 40 or so. In this day and age that’s not old. They have plenty of time. She ought to stop doing “E” and concentrate on being a MOM to her son and whatever babies come after this, if any. Any by the way, please do something with your hair in that Macy’s commercial, it look awful. You don’t look good with your hair up. It shows off that big head you have, no pun intended.

  • Kasey

    I kind of want to comment again, but everyone else did it for me (took the words out of my mouth). Oh and to the poster that said (which a lot of people say, actually) “don’t click on the articles if you dont’ like them”, we click on the articles because we want to express our opinions on how annoying they are. It’s called expressing what everyone else is thinking. Some people amaze me at how they act like they’ve never clicked on an article or blog simply to criticize someone they found annoying. A lot of people do it, get over it.

  • Jess

    I’m sure another baby is easy when someone else carries and raises you kids. You did not have to carry your baby, and you have a live in nanny! Try parenthood like the rest of us and you will see why your getting such negative responses and why you and Bill look so silly. A real parent is drained from lack of sleep with a 7 week old, not planning number two because they are “having so much fun”! You don’t even sound like real parents. Have either of you even changed a diaper??

  • Me

    To all of you that say they are fame whores, Giuliana has helped a lot of women, including myself by sharing her story. It showed me that many other women have trouble carrying a child and never to give up. Who cares if she wants another baby right away? My daughter did not “drain” me as some of you say and she slept through the night at one month so maybe their child is just as easy. There’s no problem with having children one after another if you have the resources. Why get one kid out of diapers just to start another? It’s better to have 2 kids in diapers at once then for 5 or 6 years straight.

  • Donna P.

    I just luv watching G & B . I am very happy they have the baby that they have longed for long. What is wrong with them enjoying this child & wanting more. They can offer their children a wonderful life. May u b blessed with as many children as u want. I hope that 1 day G may b able 2 carry thir baby herself and experience all of the joys of motherhood.

  • Nightingale

    I hope Guiliana and Bill chose time with their son, over their careers. Babies need their parents, and they grow up so fast. Too many celebrities’s children live deprived childhoods missing their parents,who chose to have them raised by paid employees. This is not a financial decision, they have enough money to allow themselves to raise their son.

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