Jennifer Lopez & Emme: Designer Shopping Spree

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez was seen arriving at Hotel Le Meurice in Paris, France with her beau Casper Smart and her 4-year-old daughter Emme after a day of shopping at the Hermes store.

Last week, we spotted J.Lo and her crew – including Emme’s twin brother Max – in Bologna, Italy.

Maybe J.Lo was picking up some more designer duds for her daughter?

Earlier this month, we spotted the mother-daughter duo at the Chanel fashion show in Paris, France. As it turns out, the pretty preschooler rocked more than $2400 worth of Chanel accessories at the event.

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  • anonymous

    Gee, what fun for a four year old. *sarcasm*

  • Alexa

    Won’t be surprised if this cute girl grows through life being spoiled.

    • Lakesha

      What child doesn’t go through life being spoiled?

      • Bloopie

        A lot.

  • Bella

    Sorry, but Emme is not cute!!

    • Bloubiboulga

      Don’t be sorry, she should be sorry. How does she dare not being cute? What were her parents thinking?

  • Bloopie

    I see a lot of people saying that Emme is ugly or whatever … I can’t see it. I think she looks cute. I am not suffering from the “all children are cute” syndrome but I truly can’t see why people call Emme ugly. Maybe she is just average to most?
    But anyway, there is no such thing as ‘cute standards’ or ‘beauty standards’, even though people are slowly getting brainwashed by the media that is dictating us how to look at things and people.


    just plan ugly like her mother.

  • Kaz

    I agree shes not pretty at all,no cute features.Has an old face.Luckily muma is rich,so she can have plastic surgery.

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