Katie Price & Harvey Take A Stroll In London

British model Katie Price – who also goes by the name Jordan – and her 10-year-old son Harvey were seen enjoying a mother-son stroll in London, England on Tuesday (October 16).

According to The Guardian, the reality television star keeps a set of printed cards in her purse so when she encounters people staring at her eldest son – who has septo-optic dysplasia (which causes blindness and growth hormone deficiency), Prader-Willi syndrome (a genetic disorder that means he is likely to eat to excess and is prone to obesity and diabetes) and ADHD and autism – she can simply hand one to them (one card reads “You’re obviously looking because you’re interested. This is his condition… Look up what’s wrong with him and if you want to donate to a charity that supports children like this, then do it”) and walk away. In Katie’s mind, this is an efficient way of dealing with the ignorance and incomprehension that she confronts on a regular basis.

“Well, you just get on with it, don’t you?” she says about raising a child with serious disabilities. “What can you do? I can’t sit in the corner and cry and go, ‘Oh, Harvey’s blind.’ I can’t change anything. I didn’t dwell on it. Fortunately I’m the kind of person that gets on with things.”

Harvey’s father is former footballer Dwight Yorke.

Katie is also mama to son Junior, 7, and daughter Princess, 5, with ex-husband Peter Andre.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Kinky

    As a girl who has a sister with serious disabilities, I love how she addresses the issue. Absolutely wonderful! Even though her public persona seems quite unique, her mothering especially to this child is exceptional. She has kept him in her home and has always cared for him unlike a lot of people (Travolta’s) who like to pretend there special needs child doesn’t exist. I commend her and all that she does cause it is not easy!!! Kudos Katie/Jordan

    • Anonymous

      How do you make a judgement call like that about the Travoltas when you have absolutely no evidence that there was anything “wrong” with their son?

      • SMH

        It is true that they have never pubicly aknowledged Jett had a disability l think its clear based on many pics and even paparazzi video that he did indeed have something wrong with him. They will never admit it bc they are scientologist.

        • Anon

          Who do they need to admit it to? You? It’s none of your business, and if there was something that required special attention, no one knows that he wasn’t getting it.

      • Kinky

        Its not a judgement it is a fact that their son had a disability. Google it and you will see the articles and even statements from both Kelly and John. My only point was to say the Travolta’s were more “private” with him which I disagree with. I like the fact that Katie/Jordan includes her son in a lot of what she does. While we only get a snapshot of these stars lives it is well documented that Katie/Jordan always includes Junior similar to Holly Robinson Pete, Jamie Foxx and a lot of other stars who have special needs family members.

  • dena

    As the mom of an autistic child, i know exactly what it feels like to have people stare. Good for her!!

  • Cassey

    I think that this is a great idea. I know that I, for one, was curious. As soon as I saw the diagnosis in the caption, I googled it for more information. As long as it’s done in a polite way, I don’t see the problem with her method

  • SMH

    My nephew has cerebral palsy and we tend to deal with stares too. But in general l dont always think its ignorance l think its just curiosity.

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