Nicole Richie: Harlow Doesn’t Like Our New Dog

During a Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, mom-of-two Nicole Richie opened up about her family’s latest addition. “We just got a puppy, a German Shepherd named Ero,” the 31-year-old clothing and jewelry designer shared. “He is 18 months.”

“This is our first family pet,” said Nicole, mom to daughter Harlow, 4, and son Sparrow, 3. “He’s a great dog. I’ve only had him about a week but he’s so sweet.”

“He’s really Joel’s dog,” she continued, speaking of her husband Joel Madden. “I actually told Joel, ‘I don’t want to pick up after any thing ever again. I’ve got my kids so I’m going to let you do that.’ It’s his dog, but I like to, you know, snuggle. I like to hug him and kiss him.”

And while Sparrow “was really excited” to welcome the pooch, Harlow “did not want a dog,” Richie said. “She’s very delicate. She doesn’t like anything disturbing her space. Delicate would be the best way to put it.”

Ellen then joked that Nicole “really respected [Harlow’s] wishes” by bringing home the pooch. “I like to make my kids happy,” Nicole laughed. “I’m a really good mom, you guys!”

According to mom, Harlow may change her mind in the future. “She’s definitely coming around,” Nicole said. “She’s down.”

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Photo credit: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

  • Kasey

    That sounds adorable LOL Harlow is one of my favs, so cute! I also like Nicole (hey another celeb on here who doesn’t annoy me, cool.)

  • Anonymous

    German Shepherds are wonderful loyal family dogs. Our Shepherd is 18 months also and sweet and loving as can be.

    Did anyone watch this episode of Ellen? Hilarious. Nicole got to smell handsome shirtless men to try and figure out which one was wearing her new scent. She took her time smelling their nice bodies. Ha.

  • nicole

    I have a 10 year old male shepherd and I am due in February with my first child. Since I grew up with German Shepherd dogs, I would have it no other way than my son growing up with his own best friend. Putting intelligent, loyal, trustworthy dogs alongside children is the best way to watch them shine, grow and take adventures together. As a bonus for older children, it is an excuse to get them away from the t.v. and outside with the dog.

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