Kristin Cavallari’s Lil’ Sports Fan

What a cutie!

Doting mama Kristin Cavallari shared a new picture of her 2-month-old son Camden on Twitter today, writing, “Cam is ready for daddy’s game.”

Daddy is Chicago Bears star Jay Cutler.

Though they’ve been engaged for a year, the reality star recently revealed that she and Jay are in no rush to tie the knot, saying, “I want Camden to walk down the aisle, so it will be a few years yet.”

In the meantime, Kristin is just enjoying the joys of early motherhood: “It hasn’t been a good day unless you’ve been peed on,” she Tweeted this week.

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  • Heather

    OMG what a cutie! He is just adorable! Love his blue eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I just love the “Huh?” look on his face. So adorable!


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