Willow Smith Shops In Studio City

Pop music singer Willow Smith was dressed in a pair of denim overalls and a green army jacket that read “I Hate Everyone” on the back while out shopping in Studio City, Calif. on Sunday (October 21).

The 11-year-old tween daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith recently debuted her cover of new mama Adele‘s song Skyfall.

Since releasing Whip My Hair, Willow has put out other singles including 21st Century Girl and I Am Me. The edgy singer has also collaborated with rapper Nicki Minaj on the track Fireball.

Willow was scheduled to release her debut album Knees And Elbows in April of this year but the LP’s release was subsequently put back.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • NYC Mommy

    she lookks like an old bag lady. In my opinion not her best look.

    • Lakesha

      She’s a kid, shouldn’t she be able to just wear what she likes, unless it’s inappropriate?

      • NYC Mommy

        if you read my post…. I said in my opinion… we all have them… and FYI, adults can dress as they like too not just kids.

        • eliz

          Dont worry about Lakesha! She’s a total instigator and tries to ruffle feathers every chance she gets. I agree- she looks horrible and her jacket says “I HATE EVERYBODY” – very child appropriate! ;-/

    • Anonymous

      Once again, I do not understand these comments. Why do you feel that negatively criticizing her is necessary? And like it or not, “she looks like a bag lady” is not a complement. Why would you say something here that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face, you sad woman?

  • Lisey

    She looks like an Afghanistani refugee

    • Anonymous

      May you someday find joy in your life that will allow you to respect others without compromise.

      • tess

        Maybe you should respect others opinions without trying to bully people.

        • Anon

          Mocking the attire of a teenage girl is far more “bullying” behavior than asking people to be respectful of others.


  • Anonymous

    She looks like Aunt Jemima.

    • Anonymous

      And you sound like someone who must put others down to lift themselves up. Sad.

  • anonymous

    Just like any girl her age, she’s dressing kinda funky and it’s her individual style. It’s not your business what she wears. Maybe you should find a hobby or something in your own age demographic that occupies your time other than being interested in what an 11 year old wears.

  • bubbles

    sorry, that girl is a frightfest. she don’t need no halloween costume. she is one.

    • Anonymous

      Another internet-big-talker. How proud your mama must be!

  • Leah

    all that money and they dress like welfare…

  • amy

    she is so fug!

  • amy

    she is so fug!

  • jhawkgirl

    Just more evidence that all the money in the world can’t buy class. What a reflection on her parents. Ignorant trash.

  • ddd

    That kid and her attitude and dress style looks and behaves like ghetto

  • KTGrace

    I think it’s pretty clear that the nasty comments are being left by the same person.

    • Tasha

      Why because more then one person can’t share the same opinion.

      Is it clear that all of the other comments are from you and your just changing your name? No I think there are people on this blog that agree with you.

      • Anon

        Maybe KTGrace prefers to believe that there aren’t THAT many people who would come to a website and continuously ridicule the clothes that a young girl is wearing. I know I’d prefer to believe that, because otherwise, well, that’s just pathetic on all of their parts.

  • Tasha

    I actually rather this horrible outfit then the other too grown crap she has her “stylist” make for her.

    At lest here she look like a kids who went throw her parents closet and put on their clothes. When normally she looks like she trying way to hard to be diffenerent and fashionable and which makes her look like she seeking media attention.

  • Kaz

    Shes a shocker,yuck yuck yuck.Looks like a homeless boy!!!

  • He wanted to be a celebrity gossip monger; rather, he wanted to use it as a testbed for the underlying technologies that wire it to the social web.

  • Zombieee

    I prefer my child to dress this way than like Johnny Depp’s daughter.

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