Kelly Preston: “We’re In The Middle Of Weaning Right Now”

Actress Kelly Preston looks fabulous at 50.

Although The Last Song star credits the Organic Liaison weight-loss program (founded by actress Kirstie Alley) for her fantastic figure, she states that breastfeeding her 23-month-old son Ben had a lot to do with it as well.

“We’re in the middle of weaning right now,” she tells PEOPLE. “[But] the way I lost the weight was through Kirstie’s [program], and breastfeeding.”

Keeping pace with an energetic nearly 2-year-old is also a big factor in her 42 lb. weight loss.

“I’m running after a 2-year-old and keeping up completely!” she says. “Ben runs around and three, four, five times a day we go outside and find frogs, millipedes and lizards. It’s always, ‘Mama, get it! Mama, get it!'”

And while hitting the half-century mark can be daunting, Kelly claims that “you are as old as you feel.”

“I feel incredible,” she says of turning 50. “It floored me for a bit, but now I love it and I feel better than I have in years. You are as old as you feel and I feel like I’m 25!”

But it was the gifts from her family – including a painted picture frame and photo album from daughter Ella, 12, and a painting of “little dots and little lines” from Ben – that truly touched Kelly.

Of course, a trip to Paris courtesy of her husband John Travolta helped too.

“Last month Johnny flew all my girlfriends and their husbands and our family to Paris for four days for my birthday party and we just had the best time ever,” she says. “Absolute perfection.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I think I have less of an issue with the fact that she’s breast feeding him at 2 as I do with the fact that CBS basically just recycles all its stories from

  2. Heaven

    Breastfeeding does not make you lose weight…

  3. Gena

    Heaven – it certainly made *me* lose all of my pregnancy weight. I fed on demand, and I weighed less by the time my child was 5 months then I ever had in my adult life.

  4. Jennifer

    alot of weight lost after pregnancy is water weight gain. I didn’t bf my first child and lost all of the 28 lbs I gained fairy quickly. I lost more than I gained, in fact.

  5. Elizabeth

    I don’t see how she breastfeeds when she didn’t even give birth. I am just being honest- it’s well-known that he is gay.

    • NYC Mommy

      Elizabeth- you know that they could still get pregnant if he is gay right??? and also, I personally know someone who adopted a baby and took hormones to have her milk come in and she breastfeed that baby…so that too is possible…

      My comment does NOT mean I think he is gay or that she did not give birth. Just making a general comment about your comment.

    • Anon

      You talk like it’s fact. Were you there for this child’s conception?

  6. Marilyn

    Why is she always bragging about what “Johnny” did for her? It’s like she’s trying to convince people he isn’t gay or something because of the gay stories that came out about him. She tries too hard. People who are constantly telling stories like she does makes people wonder what is really going on.

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