Reese Witherspoon & Ava: Pretty Pair

New mom-of-three Reese Witherspoon was photographed with 13-year-old daughter Ava in Brentwood, Calif. on Monday (October 22). At 3-weeks postpartum, the Oscar-winner, 36, looked fabulous in a denim shirt dress paired with tan ankle boots.

Earlier that morning, Reese took her gorgeous girl to Belwood Bakery before school. Both in different outfits, the mother-daughter duo were seen making their way back to the car after grabbing a quick bite and beverage.

We saw the Golden Globe-winner and husband Jim Toth cheering on her 9-year-old son Deacon at soccer over the weekend.

Reese and Jim welcomed their first child together, son Tennessee James, on September 27.

“Everyone is bonding with the baby,” a source revealed, “She definitely feels settled in her family life with Jim and her kids. They can’t wait to start life with their new baby.”

Reese shares Ava and Deacon with ex-husband, fellow actor Ryan Phillippe.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Bauer Griffin

  • Someone

    She does look fabulous but those dark circles under her eyes tell the tale of sleepless nights with a newborn 😀 such a joyous time, I swear you learn to operate on pure adrenaline

  • Stephanie

    3 weeks old and she’s left him already?! Goodness! I don’t have the heart to leave my little girl at 4 moths just yet. That’s good that she can though do se can be with her other kids

    • laura

      Well, I suppose we can allow her to take a short break to do the school run with her other kids, what do you think?

      (obviously the “we can allow her” part is sarcastic, I totally support Reese)

    • Eva

      Golly, gee whiz – do you suppose Dad can manage an hour of care so Mom can make a school run? Not like she’s gone on safari for six months!

      • Anonymous

        She’s been out most of the weekend without the baby too. Her choice. But it’s definitely not just a short school run for an hour or so. Baby is with the nanny now.

        • Anon

          Spoken like a true know-it-all, who actually knows nothing.

    • Grace

      Wow. I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I even said that’s good that she can do that because I can’t yet. I’m envious of her and others who can. I’m still nervous to leave my LO. Obviously everyone is different on this subject. But by no means was I putting Reese out by saying she wasn’t with her baby.

      • laura

        Ok, but who are you, Stephanie or Grace? Posting under two diff names, I guess..

        • Stephanie Grace

          It’s actually Stephanie grace. I don’t know why it showed up just grace.

          • KTGrace

            Because that’s what YOU wrote.

  • anonymous

    A good sitter is what is important. Getting out is good for mom’s mental health, don’t know why people care one way or the other about this.

  • Anonymous

    She looks exhausted!

  • Anonymous

    She took her daughter to school. I’m sure the baby survived.

  • Heather

    I don’t think she looks exhausted, I think she looks a little irritated that the paps are right in front of them when she is just trying to have lunch with her daughter. It’s obvious her daugther tries to avoid being in those photos, poor thing, My personal opinion is that they should only snap photos when the celebrity is at an event with their kids, and would expect it.

    • Anonymous

      If you feel strongly about that then you should start with yourself and stop looking at the photos. Just sayin.

  • Minnie

    Oh look – Ava has sprouted the smallest of titties and yet is wearing a bra. What the?????? What would she be – a 32A perhaps?

    • NYC Mommy

      Minnie- what an odd comment. I can assume you dont have any child her age BECAUSE Most thirteen year old girls wear a sports bra or a bra and they should it is proper and makes them feel more comfortable without their growing breasts on display.

      • Anonymous

        Why are you even responding to a whack job? You must IGNORE trolls.

  • NancyLee

    a girl who loves movies a lot

  • NancyLee


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