Tamera Mowry: I Feel Like I’ve Been Pregnant Forever

Officially in the home stretch of her pregnancy – week 39, to be exact – Tamera Mowry-Housley is more than ready to meet her baby boy.

“If I am completely honest… at this stage, I want this baby OUT!” the mom-to-be admits in a new blog post.

Though she still has one week to go until her due date, Tamera reveals that she’s spent a few sleepless nights researching different ways to induce labor: “So far I have tried pineapple juice, evening primrose oil, drinking a glass of wine, dancing, squatting and finally, spicy food,” she writes.

So far she hasn’t had much success, so Tamera says that she’s trying her best just to be patient.

“I am a bit more accepting that my sweet little angel will come when he wants to,” she says, but adds, “But maybe, just maybe with a little help from his momma.”

This will be the first child for Tamera and her husband of a year Adam Housley.

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  1. coffeebeenz

    She’s absolutely beautiful in that picture!

    I tried all those things too. Turns out swimming worked.

  2. Mary

    That is a gorgeous picture of her and Adam. So happy for her, pregnancy really makes her look fantastic!

  3. J

    Sex! My daughter came the next day!

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