Christina Applegate: We Don’t Know What To Do About The Terrible Twos

Up All Night star Christina Applegate looks great on the November issue of More magazine. In an accompanying interview, the 40-year-old actress talks about her trek through the terrible twos, the possibility of having another child and how the love of her fiancé Martyn LeNoble seemed to arrive on it’s own.

On Sadie’s terrible twos moments: “We don’t know the best thing to do. She’s starting to get really defiant when we say no and look back at us with an evil look in her eye.”

On having another child: “Because of some things that happened during my pregnancy, I don’t know.”

On the love of her life: ““We had always cared deeply for one another when we were friends. He came and put me under his wing. That was it. He was supposed to come.”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of More Magazine

  • anonymous

    Sadie might be a little young but in dealing with children, giving them choices makes them feel like “they’re” in control and it works like a charm. For example, put two outfits on the bed for the next day and ask them which one they want to wear. So instead of a big fight they pick and and it’s their decision. I used this technique for years and I’m sure it eliminated many power struggle fights that might have ensued. You can even do that with bedtime, “Do you want to go to bed at 7:30 or 8:00?” LOL

  • Jessica

    I don’t know why people still call it the terrible twos… its the THREES.. the Terrible Threes! Lol!!
    Every mother that I have talked to have said the threes are the hardest (including my children). Yes they have tantrums and stuff at age 2 but the 3s seem to be the over the top so dramatic so defiant phase.

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