Color-Inspired Celebrity Baby Names

Think inside the rainbow for some unique baby names. rounded up their favorite hues-turned-monikers.

Blue Ivy (Beyonce and Jay-Z)

The most-hyped baby of 2012 deserves a unique name, right? Well the celeb power couple didn’t disappoint, Blue Ivy’s name had the Internet buzzing. Several conspiracy theories about what her name really means. But really, blue is a pretty color so it’s okay by us.

Poet Sienna Rose (Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg)

Whoa, Punky Brewster! Two color names (Sienna and Rose) for one baby? That’s risky, but we love it. Although these words aren’t really your regular colors (like say, red or green), to us they are — does anyone remember the crayon color “Burnt Sienna?” Her whole name is pretty romantic — Sienna and Rose together reminds us of a sunset, and with Poet in as her first name, we think it’s Shakespeare- or Byron-worthy. And it looks like Soleil’s a fan of color names, because she named her second daughter Jagger Joseph Blue.

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  • Having name on colors is actually a very impressive thought, and i am really impressed with it.
    A person can name their juniors on colors name, wow very unique idea.

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