Jennifer Lopez & Twins: Shoppin’ At Harrods

Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart and her kids Max and Emme had some downtime in London, England on Wednesday (October 24).

They were seen leaving Claridge’s Hotel at one point in the day – then later went on to visit Harrods department store. The singer wore an all red tracksuit with matching handbag.

Currently on her Dance Again tour – the 4-year-old twins are following mom throughout Europe. They were last spotted in Paris and Italy. During her concert in London on Monday night – Lopez had overexposed herself with “a nipple slip” during a dance routine.

Also at her show in Italy she also showed a little too much when she wore her sequined bodysuit. At both times she kept on grooving.

This week she heads to Munich, Prague and Hamburg.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin/FameFlynet

  • eliz

    I’m sorry but she seems like a total ice queen who had the twins just because. I dont think I’ve ever seen a candid pic of her with the kids unless they’re shopping or at a fashion show. We see Victoria Beckham @ the grove, soccer games, etc (in addition to the shopping and fashion shows)- but never J. Lo. Just an observation!

    • Anonymous

      Victoria Beckham is an ice princess. I don’t believe for a second that just because she shows up for her kids stuff, that she actually ENJOYS it. I’ve never seen a more miserable looking woman.

      Jennifer Lopez seems to be enjoying the life that the millions she’s made allows her to live. I don’t personally think she’s talented really, but somebody must because they’re paying her to live this life.

      • Bloopie

        Victoria Beckham looks like one of the best mother ever. I was never really her fan as a celebrity, but I adore as a human being – even though I don’t get to see her as just a human being very often. Gosh, her children and her husband are lucky to have her! She might look ice cold sometimes, but she is also pretty nice and funny! And loving!

        J-Lo just want the attention. She had children probably because babies are cute and she can dress them like she wants. Oh and people love children so she will have all the attention she needs.

    • Lakesha

      You’ve never seen a candid picture, because you’ve never seen her personal pictures…only paparazzi pictures.

  • Lya

    I have seen interviews with Victoria Beckham and she is funny, nice and very loving. She is very involved in her children’s life and is a very different person that you see in photographs taken by the paparazzi.
    On the other end Jennifer Lopez may seem happier on photos but that’s because she likes the attention. Eliz is right by saying, you only see her shopping or at fashion shows with her kids. She is either working or spending money.
    In my opinion Victorai Beckham is a more genuine person. Jennifer Lopez is full of herself.

  • Klara

    Ugh, a tracksuit with a Birkin bag…that’s just wrong on so many levels.

    • Lola

      That is EXACTLY what I was going to say! It’s a crime! I dont care how much that “track suit” (sweat pants) cost or what brand they are, this is a fashion crime and one person who would definitely agree is Victoria Beckham (see comments above).
      The Gucci bag that her daughter is carrying is $500.
      (it’s the light pink one, you have to click on, on the right.

      • Lola

        Copy and paste that link to your address bar – sometimes I can’t paste links on this site so I left off the “http://www” part of the address.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t a 4 year old have hobbies and interests other than shopping. Why is it we always see this child shopping and going to fashion shows. Wouldn’t she rather be doing normal 4 year old stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Always??? You see 1/100th of 1 percent of her life. You have no idea what she ALWAYS does!

  • Isabella

    Poor twins I feel so sorry for them.

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