Family Photo: Levi Johnston Marries Sunny Ogelsby

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Levi Johnston.

Inside Edition shares the details of Johnston’s October 28 nuptials to Sunny Ogelsby, the mother of his 6-week-old daughter Breeze.

And as much as the father-of-two wanted his 4-year-old son, Tripp, with ex Bristol Palin, to attend their wedding, the little guy could not make it.

Johnston, 22, did not tell his ex he was tying the knot over the weekend, instead he simply asked for custody of their son. “I wanted him to be my ring bearer,” Johnston said. However, Palin denied his request.

Though Tripp was not at the Wasilla, Alaska ceremony Sunday, baby Breeze Beretta took part in her parents’ special day.

Officiated by Johnston’s friend Crosby Marrow, the groom fumbled his vows which created chuckles from guests in attendance.

“To have and to hold, whatever you say,” Johnston said. Sporting a Hugo Boss red label tuxedo accessorized with a camouflage vest and bow tie, Johnston reportedly sweated profusely during the event.

This is the first marriage for both Johnston and his partner of just over one year, 20, who teaches in Wasilla, Alaska. The couple welcomed daughter — who was named for the Italian firearm manufacturer — on September 12, two years after he called off his engagement to Palin.

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Photo credit: Inside Edition

  • Someone


  • Jesse

    2 different baby mamas. And your child attending your wedding. LOL classy. But it’s starting to become the norm in this age, people are losing morals, dignity, class and respect.

    • Anonymous

      What a minute…. So he gets Bristol Palin pregnant and DOESN’T marry her and he’s a pig. He gets this one pregnant and DOES marry her and he’s still a pig?

      Classic example of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      • Skip

        No, how about just not having kids until you’re married..?

  • Bink

    His 15 minutes are up!

  • May

    My daughter has the same $4 Walmart slippers. Super classy for a wedding. The name is stupid. This marriage is going to be stupid. Levi is stupid. Please CBS, stop posting crap about Levi Johnston and his so-called “family”. They’re classless, tacky, rude, and their 15 minutes are definitely up.

    • Anonymous

      Hey May, why don’t you stop READING articles about them if they’re so uninteresting to you? Then CBS will stop posting articles because they’ll make no money.

  • Kim

    He looks like he’s either about to spit or laugh. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he did either, since it would get him in the headlines. Good luck to that woman and kid.

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