Holly Robinson Peete & Her Gorgeous Girl

Such a stunning mother-daughter duo.

The Talk star Holly Robinson Peete and her daughter Ryan were photographed attending the Women’s Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (October 27).

The mother-of-four and founder of the HollyRod foundation has spoken about the challenges of raising a teenager with autism (Ryan’s twin brother R.J. was diagnosed at 3 years old).

“It’s challenging because the teen hormones can really cause erratic and a little bit of regressive behavior,” Holly reveals. “You feel like you’ve moved past a lot of things like stimming (self-stimulatory behavior like flapping, rocking or spinning) or some of the things that he’s been doing as a child that you feel like you’ve grown out of, you’re seeing that again”

“Also, just dealing with girls and social circles and all these things that are already a nightmare for any typical teenager or typical teenager’s parents,” she adds. “But when you fold in autism, you have social issues that are really difficult to navigate. I try to have those conversations publicly as often as possible because, you know, we don’t talk about it enough.”

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  1. tanya

    Stunning?! HA, the mother looks plastic and the daughter is not that pretty at all

    • jan

      i feel sorry for you that you have nothing better to do than nit pick someones nose and these two are very beautiful. try being kind to someone especially when you do not know them. there is no sense in negative comments that are unwarranted. i am sure you were raised better at least i hope so

  2. tony hans

    Tanya, the kids ok (even if she has her daddy’s nose), the mother is still beautiful.

  3. anonymous

    beautiful mother and daughter

  4. jan

    thest two are very beautiful. there is no sense in trying to be critical. holly has a beautiful soul and spirit/ and his blessed with beauty on both in and out. her children are gifted to be beautiful too. to sit and be critical of someones nose or anything else is obiviously cruel and unnecessary. we do not know these people and too criticize out of simple jealousy is not only immature but obviously lacking in class. maybe if we spend more time helping and being kind to people instead of nit picking someones nose which is fine. we would have a better liking of ourselves.

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