Nahla Aubry Giddy Ups

Nahla Aubry – the stunning 4-year-old daughter of Halle Berry and ex Gabriel Aubry – was snapped riding a horse at a local Farmer’s Market in Studio City, California on Sunday (October 28).

Halle recently opened up about fighting for a custody arrangement that would allow her to move to France with Nahla and her fiance Olivier Martinez, claiming that the stalking and invasive nature of the paparazzi is affecting her daughter’s well-being.

“I can’t grow my daughter in L.A. You take a little child who is just trying to learn about the world and have all these people with cameras chasing after her, calling things out to her about her mother. It’s starting to make her feel special and different. I want her to feel special and different, but not for the reason of being my child.”

Asked what she would do if she could manage to evade the press for just one day she states, “I’d go to the market with my daughter. Go to Santa Monica Pier and take her on a ride. Nothing special. Just live some normal life for once.”

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  1. Luuuluuu

    Wow, what a beauty. And she’s only gonna get even MORE beautiful too!

  2. tanya

    her features are gorgeous but if she were blue eyed, blonde hair and white colouring she would be a way more stunning girl

  3. anonymous

    It is totally racist you azzhat.

  4. tanya

    Clearly there is so much butthurt here, guys you know its true and i know that most won’t admit but white is more stunning, end of story.

  5. tanya

    and i hate how if someone makes a comment about someone who is coloured and then everyone jumps on the ‘you’re racist’ train. Heck there is a website just dedicated to ‘black celebrity kids’ i bet if i made one called ‘white celebrity kids’ i’d be the most hated person

    • imaminority

      I think you’re very wrong about ‘white being more stunning’, that’s just stupid. But you are right about the website thing…..only blacks are allowed to be racist when it comes to stuff like that. Black TV stations, black magazines, black awards…..but there could never be a ‘white’ version, that would be wrong.. It’s only considered racist if white people do it.

  6. Luuuluuu

    The fact that tanya goes on and on about Nahla NOT being “white” and “stunning”, proves that you have a problem with her actually being “stunning” and, let’s face it….. white! Just what is so African American about her?

  7. tanya

    for god sake people all i was saying that nahla has stunning facial features and that if she were the blonde hair, blue eyed, white girl she would be extremely stunning, and i believe that she would be more stunning that way.

  8. Veep

    If a person needs blond hair and blue eyes to be stunning, then they aren’t really stunning. Nahla’s mom is stunning and would not be more so with blond hair/blue eyes. Personally, I believe many blondies with blue eyes DO NOT have stunning features and are just riding off society’s obsession with those particular characteristics. If a person is truly stunning they would look beautiful bald in a b/w photo

  9. starlight

    She does’nt need blue eyes or blond hair, SHE IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

  10. Anonymous

    Why is everyone engaging this Tanya troll? Don’t poke the crazy.

  11. shelwill

    And we all thought that ‘Hitler’ was dead but here he is using the name ‘Tanya’! I am sure that you would eradicate everyone that does not have blond hair and blue eyes as well. You are so ignorant that you believe that others are wrong if they do not agree with you but you are the only one in left field while everyone else in right field have a logical, and rational thought process. I must call you for what you are, ‘Poor White Trash’. Be careful, your child don’t bring home a child like Nahla, beautiful and loving regardless of the color of her eyes or hair.

  12. Toya

    If she were white she’d be like EVERYBODY else and that would be completely BORING!!! Thiis baby is GORGEOUS just the way she is. She is a beautiful combination of both her gorgeous parents. And as far as blacks having their own, awards, sites etc. etc. etc. It had to be done. Otherwise we would not receive any type of real validation. There are so many excellent black actors, singers, models and the list goes on. They have not been recognized as they should so they developed their own platform. Why is that a problem? White people have ran shop long enough. May not admit it… But you know it is a reality.

  13. cb

    all i have to say is someone needs to brush the kids hair. it looks like a rats nest !

  14. Luuuluuu

    That kinda tends to happen when you’re 4.

  15. imaminority

    So blacks aren’t allowed to recieve oscars? Because they’re ‘white’ awards right? Listen to yourself, you sound like a big baby, waa waa waa. If a black actor is a good enough actor he would get an oscar or an emmy, just like white people. Are you saying the standards need to be lower? So the black actors are good enough for ‘black’ awards, but not general people awards?

  16. inca

    Beauty comes in all colors and races of people. I am Scandinavian, and we have over a dozen mixed children in our family, Norwegian, Native Asian, Norwegian, African American, and also Norwegian Latino. We have very beautiful children in our family, all shades of hair, eye and skin colors, personalities…. All of them are intelligent, beautiful , talented and unique individuals who are going to contribute to our society in their own ways…People like Tanya, exist in all races……not just white.This Tanya, who keeps posting here is just trying to get a reaction….She is being malicious, you can tell, just by what she is saying.. I mean, who says that? the best way to respond to comment’s like Tanya’s is to not respond at all. If “no one,” responds to her ignorant comments, her entire day will be ruined……You have to wonder what her own little girl looks like, or what she looks like…I’ve lived in many states, have known many people of all races and backgrounds, and I don’t know anyone who would make the remarks she has made here. I think Tanya is a very unique person who is not all there… Don’t judge other caucasion people by the same standards of this very person who derives pleasure from insulting others, and innocent children… She’s obviously very bored with her life…..maybe, insecure about her own looks, maybe dateless… Otherwise, how would she find the time to troll for sites to insult beautiful little girls… smile…Obviously, her own little girl isn’t that beautiful white version of Nahla Aubry……………

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