Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck’s Cake Cuties

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck enjoyed the afternoon with their daughters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3, at CakeMix in West Hollywood, Calif. on Sunday (October 28). The fun group got a little messy and made personal cakes to take home.

The day before, we spotted the high-profile family – including 8-month-old son Samuel – shopping in Brentwood. And on Friday, we saw the smiley group at karate class.

And there’s plenty to be happy about for the Garflecks!

Ben’s new movie Argo triumphed last weekend at the box office. In its third weekend in theaters, his political thriller earned an estimated $12.36 million. In the 17 days since its release, the film has grossed $60.8 million.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Boy, he’s campaigning for that Oscar like nobody’s business. And he looks a little miserable in some of the pics.

    • Anonymous

      You think he’ll win an Oscar because he decorated a cake with his kids?

      Do you think he’ll win a Nobel Peace Prize because he took one of them to karate?


    • Anonymous

      If he looks miserable to you in some of the pics it is probably due to the intrustion of Paparazzi into his personal time with his family. Me, I see more positive shots than any negative ones. There were a gazillion of photos taken of this outing and just because the media chose to show any that would open a discussion for negative posting is not reason to ignore the fact that Ben and (the kids especially) seems to enjoy themselves a great deal, hell, Ben even decorated a cake himself. Fun time spent with family does not equate Oscar as much as good work. So try again or better yet,look for something positive in a situation and I’m sure your life will be brighter and happier. Peace to you and yours.

  2. Bloubiboulga

    Oh Deaaaar, leave the phone home and give your kids 100% of your attention when you take them out for an activity…

    • Ellen

      Hmm. Looking closey, I don’t see a phone in his or her hands. He seems full on with them to me.

    • Brandee

      Every parent nowadays is texting or looking at their phone while spending time with the children. It is habit and normal. Just because he has his phone out doesn’t mean he isn’t enjoying or loving the time he spends with his children. You see him and Jen out with their kids than most Hollywood couples, and without nannies for the most part. These two are very hands-on parents and it is great to see it. I look forward to seeing pics of them with their children on this site daily.

    • Reilly

      Oh Deaaaar, because you NEVER check your phone when you are out of the house? Maybe someone texted him (someone is obviously watching their son). Phone vibrates…check phone. Not that difficult to understand.

  3. Anne

    If he isn’t there, they say he doesn’t want to be, when he is there he is checking his phone and now it’s just because he wants an oscar. What about they might just possibly be happy?

  4. Lena

    What a bunch of snarky nellies. Methinks you all are jealous!

  5. why

    CakeMix?? Whatever happened to just making a cake at home?

  6. Anne

    You can tell from far that Ben’s actions are contrived. I wish them the best but I don’t buy this new daddy of year one bit.

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