LeAnn Rimes Dresses As Sandy For Halloween

Grease is the word for LeAnn Rimes. The singer dressed up as Sandy from the classic movie for Halloween. She posted photos on her Twitter account of herself, husband Eddie Cibrian and stepsons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5.

She wrote: “Family of the Grease days, Indiana Jones and a tribute to our navy seals”

In another pic she shows herself giving out candy.

Rimes is starting over – having entered a rehab center in August for anxiety.

She recently told Katie Couric, “I feel like I am starting over even though I’ve had all these years behind me. How many people get to [start] over again in this day and age? People look at you and go, ‘Why are you struggling?’ No one can quite understand why you hurt so badly.”

To quote Us Weekly, “It’s a surprising choice of costume, given that another Sandy, Superstorm Sandy, wreaked major havoc in NYC, New Jersey and surrounding areas just days ago.”

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  • ctl

    Thought she was dressed up as a skeleton. You can see all the bones of her breastplate popping out… It wouldn’t bug me so much except that she seems to be posing in a way that accentuates her thinness, as if she thinks it’s attractive. **shudder***

    • Anon

      Or…. she’s posing in the exact same way that Olivia Newton John posed when she played Sandy.

  • Anotherfluffpiece?

    And once again rather than call these famewhores out for exploting these kids, we get another ridiculous fluffpiece. Here are the problems:

    1) Why is Leann posting photos of the kids to a public forum when Eddie Cibrian stated: “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”-Eddie Cibrian

    Doesn’t that make Eddie Cibrian a liar?

    2) Once again how disturbing that he is allowing his kids to be exploited like this when he stated: “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi”-Eddie Cibrian

    3) What exactly do you think Leann was trying to prove with these “happy family” and loved up photos? Eddie is cheating on her and many people are talking about how he and Leann live seperate lives. So you don’t find it odd how she releases these photos in an attempt to hush the talk about how her marriage to Eddie is over?

    4) Considering that she is dressed up as SANDY, as in the HURRICANE that has caused so many problems for several people, her and Eddie’s costumes are very insenstive. This isn’t cute like Huff Post, GG, US Weekly is making it out to be it. It’s sad and sick. How desperate for attention is she that attempts to get maximum exposure by riding the coattails of a hurricane.

    5) Leann is releasing her single this month. So in addition to using the boys to promote her marriage, she is also using them to promote her album and single. But then again, the media only cares about what Leann pays them to write.

    6) Leann also told Katie that she was devasted because she was in the spotlight at such an early age, so why is she doing this to Brandi’s kids? Was it really necessary to post these photos of the kids to her public account? Couldn’t she have just enjoyed the boys without trying to make it into a headline?

    7) If Leann is starting over why is she doing the very same thing we saw her doing before she went to rehab? She was posting photos of Brandi’s kids before rehab and after rehab the exploitation of Brandi’s kids has gotten worse.

    8) Didn’t Eddie threaten to sue Brandi if the boys made cameos on her show so why is it okay for him and Leann to constantly exploit the kids using sites that Leann is using to promote her career?

    9) Leann didn’t go to rehab. She went to a spa.

    10) And you do understand that Leann was also taunting Brandi. In the interview that she gave to Katie, shes tated that the boys where her and Eddie’s kids. It’s a shame that once again the media glorifys this bad behavior from Leann instead of calling her out.

    • Amanda

      Oh, get a life and stop focusing on theirs. No one is perfect in this world including you. I highly doubt her costume was in anyway connected to Hurricane Sandy.

      • Anotherfluffpiece?

        Leann is that you? Perhaps you should take your own advice. You took the time and energy just to write a post telling someone to get a life, who does that?

        Just like you highly doubt Leann uses these two boys to taunt their mother, right? How many times are you going to write the “No one is perfect…” post? Leann is a 30 year old woman who knows right from wrong. Posting the photos of the kids was wrong. And if you don’t like it, then stop posting photos of Brandi’s kids.

        Leann’s outfit isn’t connected to Hurricane Sandy at all, but there is an article that was written days before she put this outfit on that compared Hurricane Sandy to Grease and Sandy from Grease. What are the odds? Leann’s outfit was connected to Hurricane Sandy. Just like she exploits Brandi’s kids she was attempting to exploit the Hurricane.

    • AnotherNovel?

      A bullet point list? I love it!

      • Anotherfluffpiece?

        Another instance of you freaking out because once again no one agreed with this fluffpiece. I love it!

  • Anotherfluffpiece?

    Aren’t the CMA today? Was Leann invited? So on the day of CMA, Leann bombards the internet with “happy family” photo-ops of her with Brandi and Eddie’s kids AFTER she stated in her interview with Katie that the boys where her and Eddie’s kids? Don’t you also think it’s odd how this “loved” poses happen after Miranda and Blake are put on the cover of People magazine? Leann’s pr stunts are so transparent and the media falls for them each and every time.

  • Anotherfluffpiece?

    When sites like this posts photos of Leann and Eddie with the kids, they need to ask what are Leann and Eddie trying to promote now. Eddie filmed some shows for Hot In Cleveland which will air this month. So once again this jerk is using his two innocent kids to promote his work, which is odd considering how he was ready to sue his ex-wife. When will sites like this call Eddie out for his double standards?

    How come you hardly ever post photos of these kids when they are with their mother?

    • Danielle

      Because there aren’t as many pictures of them with their mother! She doesn’t go around exploiting them. Yes occasionally you see pictures of her boys on her twitter but most of the time you can barely see them or she’s taken a shot where you can’t really see their faces. Plus they are HER kids!

      Brandi’s just tweeted actually she isn’t happy with Leann posting them and under ‘family’ Halloween.

      • Anotherfluffpiece?

        That’s my point. Brandi is uncomfortable with Leann exploiting her kids like this. What can she do when Eddie won’t do anything about it because he is too focused on getting back at Brandi for not taking him back and the courts won’t do anything about it because Leann has the money to buy the best lawyers who manipulate it so what Leann wants take priority over the children’s mother. So why do these sites keep encouraging Leann to disrespect Brandi in this manner? Leann is the worst example of a stepmother and human being. Instead of posting these photos and assisting Leann as she taunts the mother of these kids, do a compare and contrast. Show a stepmother who does the right thing to demonstrate to Leann how she crosses limits and that’s not acceptable. When they post these photos with these fluffpieces, Leann accepts it as sign that what she does to Brandi is okay and she continues doing that until she whines about how she is being bullied.

      • Anonymous

        I’m confused. That man and those boys ARE her family, why shouldn’t she post them under “family Halloween”????

        (You may not LIKE that it’s her family, it may not be FAIR that it’s her family, it may be GROSS how she got that family, but it IS her family.)

        • Anotherfluffpiece?

          No, you are not confused because you ask this question in every thread on this site everytime Leann gets called out for exploiting the boys. So how can you be confused when you have written this same comment over 30 times now?

          Like you have been told everytime you make this comment, the #1 reason Leann shouldn’t post anything about those boys is because Eddie Cibrain said so and he threatened to sue his ex-wife twice if the boys made cameos on her show this year and the last year.

          Eddie stated in court documents: “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”-Eddie Cibrian

          Note the phrase: ANY TYPE OF PUBLIC EXPOSURE, which is exactly what she is doing when she posts photos of the kids from Halloween to a public forum and a website she uses for her tours and fans . These photos are everywhere now. They are on blogs and will probably be in next weeks photos for the mags. You may not like the fact that people are calling Leann out for posting these photos of the kids to a public forum, but that is the standard that Eddie Cibrian established.

          Eddie also stated: “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi”-Eddie Cibrian

          The kids names are being mentioned in the “Leann mocks Hurricane Sandy” articles. There faces are being associated with the “Leann mocks Hurricane Sandy” articles. Like Eddie said, they need to be protected from this, not have their faces plastered all over the internet and magazines.

          Secondly, Leann Rimes MARRIED Eddie, that does not give her the same rights as the children’s mother. Leann and her fans seem to think that Brandi stops being the kids’ mother when the kids are with Leann and Eddie. Why? If Leann loves the boys like she claims, she would stop trying to replace their mother.

          BTW isn’t this the same thing you said when you were posting as NYCMommy?

          • NYC Mommy


  • mrs. trumbell

    that is a super cute indiana jones costume!

  • Alli

    Oh Horsey, you still look like a Horsey to meeeee

  • Anotherfluffpiece?


    Like you were told the last time you did this in the previous thread, if you don’t like people calling you out for the posts you are making as anonymous/anon, then stop doing it. If you don’t post in the Leann Rimes threads, then how do you explain all those posts in the previous threads that have your name on them? Including the post where you say that you could post as anonymous and no one would know it was you?

    You do post in the Leann Rimes threads, you do it as anonymous or anon and then when you get called out for it, you start posting as NYCMommy. BTW, how did you find your way to this thread? How did you know to show up and make a post today? Because you came back to check the responses to the posts you made as anonymous?

    You do this everytime. You should know by now how this turns out for you.

  • Anotherfluffpiece?

    So will the media finally address Eddie’s hypocrisy? How come it’s okay for him and Leann to exploit the kids when they make such a fuss over Brandi having the kids on RHOBH? Was it necessary for Leann to put photos of the kids in her interview with Katie or to post photos of the kids to her twitter account and fan website?This is what the media should be asking insead of posting these fluffpieces.

    This is from Brandi’s interview:

    “The kids are not on the show this year,” she confirms. “But my lawyer is working on it.”

    Glanville and her ex share custody of Jake, 5, and Mason, 9.

    “When I am working I don’t get to see my children,” she says. “And that is not OK with me. “

    She calls Cibrian “hypocritical” because “he does red carpets and all these paparazzi shoots with them. It is the same difference…”

  • LeannRimesneedstogobacktorehab

    Leann is the worst stepmother in Hollywood. She is an example of what a stepmother should never do. Leann doesn’t tune out the negativity because she STARTS the negativity. It’s like she is trying to create a war between mothers and stepmothers. Why would she feel the need to do that if her life is as great as she claims? What does Leann know about being a team when she posts photos and videos of Brandi’s kids after telling Brandi that she can’t film her kids on RHOBH?Leann doesn’t have an encouraging husband, why do you think she has been sitting on twitter for 3 days now tweeting about Brandi’s kids like crazy? Because her “encouraging husband” is cheating on her and she goes after Brandi using her own kids.

    Leann’s latest tweet about her “perfect life”: ” believe it’s about doing what’s right for your family and your stepchildren. No one has the right to tell you what’s right. They do not live your life. You won’t “win” so don’t even try. I make sure they know I love them and am there for them always and I tune out the negativity. It will always be there, especially from those who don’t understand or just plain feed off of it. Im also fortunate that i have an envouraging hisband. I find the more we are a team, the more its smooth sailing.Good luck”

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