The Suleman Octuplets Get Ready For Halloween

Nadya Suleman‘s – also known as ‘Octomom’ – 3-year-old octuplets Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Makai, Josiah and Jeremiah were all dressed up and ready for Halloween on Wednesday (October 31).

According to RadarOnline, Nadya’s father Ed Doud is concerned about his daughter’s inclination to drink and drive with the kids in the car.

In a voicemail dated August 1st obtained by RadarOnline, Nadya’s father left a message for Gina B., a former nanny who was helping care for Nadya’s children at the time.

“Gina, this is me, Ed. I’m worried about Nadya. She’s not answering the phone. And I really worry about her. Sometimes she starts drinking vodka, whatever, so maybe she should not be driving,” the message stated. “I could pick up the kids tomorrow, I mean the big kids. I don’t know what to say. I have no idea what to say. She cannot drive the kids and drive herself and drive back here.”

On October 23rd, Nadya checked herself into Chapman House Treatment Center in Los Angeles, Calif. for 28 days or more for rehabilitation for anxiety, exhaustion and stress.

Over the years, Nadya has repeatedly been investigated by social services over allegations of neglect and child abuse.


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  • Lakesha

    Adorable children!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe they’re all still alive.

  • Belle

    If she is in rehab, who is watching all these kids?

    And if she can’t pay her bills and doesn’t have money, why is she buying Halloween costumes for all the kids? If I don’t have money, I make a costume out of what my child has and don’t go out and buy new costumes.

    • Anonymous

      You probably also didn’t decide to have 8 kids when you already had 6.

    • NYC Mommy

      Belle- I agree why is she buying expensive costumes for all those children. We also try to make them for stuff we have around house and I only have 3 kids.

    • Lana

      Kids are cute! She perhaps got those costumes donated, plus she clearly got some funds as she is living in a new big house.

    • BelleStarr

      But she’s a ‘stah’, doncha know. She says she made ‘tons’ of money from showing her mutilated coochie in a porn. Now she’s trying out for celebrity rehab. Too bad for the kids, but you can’t fix stupid.

  • boomom03

    They are very cute little kids. I hope they had a fun Halloween.

    Wonder how much Octomom and her management got for selling this picture, though? It is so sad that they are exploited as they are.

  • Jessica

    Didn’t you guys hear? Apparently porno money is a lot! Though the way she is spending that shes probably already out of it!

  • Bluebonnet

    They look very cute, but what about the older six children? Didn’t they get to have any costumes? Were they left out? Did any of the kids actually get to go trick-or-treating, or was this photo op all that happened? The octuplets are all barefoot. They couldn’t have gone walking down the street without shoes. The caretakers who are there while Nadya is in drug rehab should use the money from the sale of the photo to buy the kids some socks and shoes. It’s November – winter is coming and it gets pretty cold in Palmdale.

  • Cindy

    Nice to see a pix of the kids without that attention seeking woman in it, mugging it up for the camera.

  • Boze

    What`s up with this family`s names? She goes by Suleman or Gutierrez, the kids birth certificates say Solomon and her father is Doud. Do they just wake up and choose a name for the day? Sad that the article`s title is trying to portray a happy time for them yet the whole piece is about their screwed up mother. Trick or Treat indeed.

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