Vanessa Lachey Talks Breastfeeding & Her Post-Baby Body

Almost two months into motherhood, Vanessa Lachey says that these early days with her baby boy Camden have been joyous and challenging – and full of surprises. The Wipeout host took some time off from diaper duty to talk to about breastfeeding, body image and her “through the roof” hopes and dreams for her sweet son.

On being a mom: “I am still in shock and we look at him and we are like — we made this! I know it sounds corny and cheesy, but it is your love personified. We made this baby! It is weird and very surreal to me. I love everything about being a mom — looking at him and seeing him and hoping and praying that he will be a gentleman and a good man and a supportive friend. All my hopes for him are through the roof.”

On what has surprised her about motherhood: “The feeding! [During pregnancy] everyone is like, ‘get your rest now!’ and I was like ‘I’ll be fine!’ I didn’t understand that they need to eat every two to three hours at first and then three to four a little after that. And that each feed can be up to one hour with the changing and the ′shushing’ and the swaddling. Sometimes we literally had like 15 minutes between him falling asleep and then having to wake him for the next feed. I’m like this goes on 24 hours a day and no one told me about this part of it!”

On losing the baby weight: “I think it is great everyone thinks I bounced back so quickly… but truth be told I’m still wearing my maternity clothes and taking it day by day and enjoying being a mom. I’m not stressing about bouncing back!…

I think we should be focused more on being good moms and not getting back to whatever it is that everyone talks about, your post-baby body, I guess. Your body is different! It took nine to 10 months to get there and it is different now — my body is different now — but I’m learning to love it and embrace it and I have a great support system.

I have my husband to tell me that stretch marks and flabbiness and all is beautiful and it makes me feel good and better and confident and I look at my little boy and I’m like — this is what it is was for.”

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  • Someone

    Oh Vanessa, don’t ever wake a sleeping baby! lol

    At least with my boys I never did…I basically fed on demand and they always let me know when they wanted to nurse 😀

    • Anonymous

      I missed the part where she asked for your advice and the story of what you did with your kids, as if it were somehow relevant to her life.

      • Someone

        Wow you really take things seriously!

      • Someone

        Oh and I’m so happy that I got you so miffed that you took time out of your busy life to berate me *rolls eyes*

        • anon

          Don’t worry Someone. Judging by the minuses she’s received for her snotty comment, more people are with you than her!

        • KTGrace

          That’s funny. You took time out of your life to give advice to a person who isn’t reading what you wrote.

          Whose got the bigger problem?

          • Someone

            Damn you are dense lol I DON’T ACTUALLY THINK VANESSA IS READING THIS!!! It was just a comment about the article, not a direct plea to her. GEEZ PEOPLE!

  • Evilkanivil

    No Vanessa you did not make him!! I think this woman should have been blonde I swear.

    • Bonnie

      How did she not make him?! I’m 6 months preggo right now, and I’m pretty sure that nobody else’s body is growing this baby! Her and her husband made him, and I think her comments about motherhood are very sweet!

      • Evilkanivil

        God did period!!!! Don’t think so highly of ya self.

        • Bloopie

          Damn. If God personally created all human being, he must have been on drugs when he created Hitler, Mussolini, pedophiles, assassins … the list goes on. Oh and he created me among a lot others, people who don’t even believe in his existence. What is he tried to do? Is he that bored? Damn … heaven must be really empty then, with everyone he created himself in hell (atheists, gays, nihilists … list goes on again)

        • Amanda

          No, god is some mythical being that humans made up to make them feel like everything isn’t at random.

        • KTGrace

          You believe in God, yet call another poster a “bird brain” down below.

          Hypocrit much?

          • rebecca

            I think everyone has a right to believe in what they want ktgrace and amanda.

          • Marie

            Rebecca, exactly….which is why I stated what I believe.

    • Anonymous

      She didn’t make him? Hmmm… who did then?

      • Evilkanivil

        Im not even gonna waste my time bird brain!

    • cb

      sounds like an obama comment…

      • anne

        I love Obama.

  • Leah

    I wanna see her son and Jessicas Daughter date when they are older,LOL

    • Dani

      I have been thinking the same thing!!

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