16 & Pregnant’s Danielle Cunningham Expecting Baby No. 2

16 and Pregnant star Danielle Cunningham and boyfriend Jamie Alderman are expecting their second child in July.

“Honestly when i found out i was pregnant i automatically thought to have an abortion,” the reality TV star tweeted Friday. “But a week went by and i just couldnt even imagine. Theres no way i could do it.”

She added: “This baby means soo much to me already at 4 weeks and im so happy to bring this child into me and Jrs life. Jr is going to be a big brother! Me and Jr are doing amazing! im currently enrolled into the local college but i cant start until i get my GED november 19th ! and ill be starting school sping quarter of next year (: I work 2 jobs right now and my life is doing so amazing. This baby was placed in my life for a reason and im more than willing to start fresh and know its time to grow up. yes i should of before but i was also 15 lastime i got pregnant. im now 19, and im more than excited for my family to grow. LETS HOPE FOR A GIRL ! #HopeForDanielleToHaveAGirl.”

The young couple have reportedly struggled with substance abuse, but the young mom told Starcasm, “I’ve never been a drug addict. I smoked weed but, of course, don’t anymore and don’t plan to.”

“I work two jobs and am enrolled in the local college,” she said, adding that she’s “very proud” of her accomplishments. Currently, the reality star is working at Tim Hortons and Target and is “enrolled at Columbus State.”

As for her beau, Danielle said, “Jamie has a full-time job in construction.”

Regarding the custody of their 2-year-old son Jamie Paul Alderman Jr., Danielle said, “I’ve always had custody of my son. My mom did have him last year for about 2 months on and off, but he’s been happy and living with me since.”

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  • Belle

    How about give it up for adoption instead. It’s sad that she she didn’t learn anything like how to use protection or stop having sex. She’s excited that at 19 she is going to have 2 kids? This is just sad all around.

    • Jesse

      Exactly teen mom and 16 and pregnant just glamorize teen pregnancy it;s the worst show ever. That’s why like 90% of all the teen moms on there get pregnant again! If teen pregnancy is so unglamorous on teen mom and 16 pregnant why do they all get pregnant again/??

      • Neisha

        Have you actually seen the show? There’s no glamour whatsoever. These girls are struggling with relationships, health issues with their children, drugs, their own health issues, and education. I’m sorry but to me only the girls who are stupid (only way to describe them), think that having a baby will get them on t.v. If that’s really all they are paying any attention to, then their parents haven’t taught them anything. I have not met one girl who watches that show and says, “I want to have a baby now.”

    • Bloopie

      Belle, I would have agree with you, only if you knew how many children are up for adoption and how many never get to have a stable family life. Saying “Oh, I can give it up to adoption.” is as wrong as saying “Oh, I’ll just get an abortion.” And a few unlucky ones might have it better if they die before knowing life, instead of going through painful years of emptiness and loneliness.
      (hint hint, that other post)
      I wish there was a way for those teen moms to learn their lessons. This is getting frustrating.

      • Darkie McPhee

        Bloopie, You’re misinformed. While your statement about the number of kids up for adoption is somewhat correct, There is a very long list of great would be parents that want to adopt a healthy white baby. The unadoptable kids that are in the system now either have significant disabilities, are minorities, or are older children who have serious mental and emotional problems stemming from their bad upbringings. Few people are strong enough to take on these types of children so in most cases they never get adopted but healthy white babies are in high demand and are adopted out immediately when they become available.

  • Anna

    Why don’t these girls take the pill? It’s such and easy way to prevent pregnancy, I just don’t understand why they keep having unprotected sex.

    • denise

      Get on some type of birth control. These girls are just lazy. My daughter is now 18 and I have been on some type of birth control. How is it in 18 years I haven’t had any accidents?????? If you want to be an adult so bad act like one.

  • Eva

    They keep having unprotected sex because if you behave responsibly, go to work, go to school, care for your child, you get absolutely NO ATTENTION from the public. But if you keep popping babies out, someone will take your picture, interview you, shower you with “fame.”

    • Anon

      Are you kidding me?!? That happens for something like 10 girls out of 10,000,000.

      • Eva

        Weel, it’s happening for her and that’s what I meant.

  • Josslyn

    Good grief; she was one of the biggest hot messes on the show, and after the show she hardly ever took care of her son.
    I can understand one “woopsie,” but seriously 2, 3, or 4? STOP! How hard is it to get on birth control, and if you have a hard time remembering daily/weekly/or monthly types, then why not get the IUD? It’s over 99.9%, and it lasts for either 5 or 10 years.

  • Mimi

    They won’t take the pill but they surely take botox. Look at her forehead.

    What a mess of a teenager.

  • Judi

    She should be called CUMMingham

  • laura

    There are studies and statistics that prove that teenage mums very easily have other children soon after the first one. This is given, we all know it, so I’ll just say that probably this girls should have been helped to get back on track, to do something better with their lives, instead of being made the “stars” of a tv show that glamorize teen pregnancy and keeps the in the same cultural environment that caused their first pregnancies.

  • laura

    Basically every week there’s a 16 and pregnant “star” who gives interviews about her second pregnancy, they are ALL pregnant again… Why doesn’t anybody at Mtv acknowledge that maybe something is wrong? That maybe they’re not doing any good to these girls?
    To be clear, I don’t think having an unplanned child is a tragedy. That said- having a child at 16-17 is not good for anybody, it’s something that should be avoided. If it happens it happens, obviously the baby should be loved and cared for and I do believe that children bring joy into their parents’ lives. But it has to be avoided before it happens. And, even more, teenage girls who do have children have to be helped and taught how to avoid it happens again.

  • Frank

    CONGRATULATIONS to Danielle! 🙂 So happy for her! 🙂

    • stupid

      Hooray for welfare and neglect!!!

  • musiclover

    Seriously……take the pill and use a condom! Sheesh! A second unplanned pregnancy isn’t an accident, it’s carelessness.

  • Jennifer

    what is wrong with these girls?

    • laura

      What is wrong is that “16 and pregnant” even exists..

    • Amanda

      What is wrong with these boys too? Remember it takes two to tango!

  • sierra

    Really? Just plain laziness. That’s all. It’s so annoying when teenagers get pregnant out of foolishness. Makes me feel sorry for their kids. It’s funny how they just can’t wait to have sex. Having sex is for adults bc they can handle the responsibility

  • SMH

    Yes bc life is so much different at 19 then 16. If you thought for a second that you should have an abortion then you are too young dumb and irresponsible to be getting pregnant…..again!!

  • K

    What the??! And why is she announcing this so soon? She says she’s due in July, it’s October meaning that she’s just 2-3 weeks pregnant..

    • anon

      4 weeks, as the post says..

    • Josslyn

      I have a feeling this baby was planned; how else would someone know they are pregnant so soon if they probably haven’t even missed their period yet?

  • Kasey1

    This makes my head hurt. I want to comment, but everyone else seems to have it covered. Careless, not that smart, no common sense. Yes, that sums it up I guess.

  • Zar55

    Why are people so stupid, you to your doctor you say: I want pills, or any other way od protection, doctor does some tests and gives you pills, or whatever you choose!!!

  • Courtney

    some of you aren’t very bright most women that take birth control don’t take it correctly all the time and a certain percentage of women can’t use hormonal birth control and IUD’s also fail and can lead to a hysterectomy if it punctures the uterine lining. there’s always been teenage girls having kids it’s nothing new

    • Josslyn

      There is a thing called condoms, or abstinence as well. A person has a better chance of getting in a car wreck than getting pregnant or hurt from using artificial birth control properly.

    • Josslyn

      And also, the whole point of taking birth control is to use it correctly, if women can’t use it correctly then don’t have sex, period.

  • cait

    Since she’s been on TV, it’s not like she couldn’t afford birth control. These moms act like it’s so difficult…look at Farrah Abraham who got plastic surgery instead of saving for her daughter for college or buying a house or going to school for something realistic that she could have a career for instead of being a professional waitress and someone who mooches off the entertainment industry. If they’re paying you so much, why don’t you use it on your children or use it to prevent yourself from having any more children until you’re financially stable so that you don’t have to work two jobs at 19? Our culture is in such decline because of stuff/people like this.

  • wow

    this is ridiculous… reading this article made me cringe and gave me a slight headache..and CLEARLY she has a substance abuse problem and so does the father of her child. so thats great.. sucks that ANOTHER human being will be dragged into that hot mess lifestyle….im a firm believer that some people should be sterilized.

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