David Arquette Hopes Coco Stays “Real, Human And Honest”

Growing up in the limelight is no easy feat, but divorced parents David Arquette and Courteney Cox do their best to keep it real for their 8-year old daughter Coco.

“We try not to spoil her,” the proud papa shared with OK!  “It’s important for kids to stay grounded. It’s crazy growing up in Hollywood, so we just try to keep her connected, real, human and honest.”

Since the Scream couple separated back in 2010, they have maintained an amicable relationship and co-parent their daughter.

“You always make mistakes, but it’s best to learn from them,” the Dancing With The Stars alum says. “Hopefully they don’t cause too much heartache.”

The youngster seems to take after both her parents, especially when it comes to what to wear for Halloween.

“This Halloween she’s going to be a half angel-half devil. But at one point she wanted to be a baby-old man-detective and she had this whole outfit planned out,” Courteney recently shared.

“She had a bib, she had a mustache, glasses, a pacifier, and I was like, ‘That’s very David, isn’t it?’ To just come up and be that creative. I see a lot of both of us in Coco, for sure. She’s very, very split down the middle between the two of us, and Coco is really, really, really creative.”

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  • Mia

    David, you look terrific in you tux. So handsome!

  • bubbles

    oh dear god, his daughter looks exactly like him, doesn’t she?

    • laura

      Unfortunately for her, yes.

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