Rachel Zoe & Skyler: Off To Work!

Rachel Zoe and her son Skyler were seen heading to her office in West Hollywood, Calif. on Friday (November 2).

The 18-month-old cutie sported a gray wool hat and a shirt with a sun design. Rachel – who usually is seen wearing black- had on jeans with a cream fringed jacket and matching-colored hat.

The celebrity stylist is currently filming The Rachel Zoe Project for Bravo and just sold a sitcom script to NBC based on her life.

She told Elle, “I sold the script to NBC, but I don’t know what happens after that. I think there’s still a lot that needs to be done. We’re going to do a pilot and all of that. It’s going to take place when I was much younger and first started out. So it would need to be someone who has complete enthusiasm, is slightly eccentric, and is passionate. And [she should be] a bit starry eyed about fashion. So anyone who can portray that well, is hired.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI


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  1. Anonymous

    Why dose she always alow her 18-month-old son to walk ahead of her in a parking lot or woth out holding her hand?

    I get that she wants to show him off the the paparizzi but his safety should come first.

  2. Ella

    Wow, that kid finally wears some age-appropriate clothes!

    Anyway, he really is such a cutie!

    • anon

      and you call those hair, the beanie worn that way and the necklace age appropriate??

      • Ella

        Actually I meant the jeans and the t-shirt. It’s more usual and appropriate to play in compared to his ‘grandpa’-clothes. The necklace is still a No-Go!

      • Anonymous

        The necklace is amber, it’s used to combat teething discomfort.

        And I fail to see what’s wrong with his hair or his hat.

        • laura

          Hair and hat are that way just to look “cool”.
          Little boys are comfortable with short hair, because they play, they sweat, I don’t think it’s comfortable for him to have those hair.. And there’s not even a reason for them to be long, it’s not like curly-haired Bronx Wentz, or Hank Baskett.. Those are just normal hair that his mum doesn’t cut because she wants to dress them as an adult..
          The beanie that way too, it doens’t cover the forehead, it’s not useful that way, she made him wear it just to look cool..

  3. Zar55

    why is weird if kid walks in front, he is a new walker so probably the only thing he wants is to walk AS ANY OTHER KID
    It seems like nothing is good for you ”normal” people -.-
    if she had four bodyguards you would say she is just like any other snobish celebrity and when she lets her kid be like any other you say she is a bad mother

    • Anonymous

      Read my post before commenting 1. I said “walk ahead of her in a parking lot” where cars cant see him if they are backing up, I never said she should never let him walk.

      2) If he wants to walk in the middle of the street she should let him because new walker so probably the only thing he wants is to walk? Would you let you 18 month old walk in the parking lot?

      If he wants to walk fine but pick him up untill your on the sidewalk where he can safely walk all he wants.

  4. bubbles

    she looks like a freak. stylish my a… but the baby is supercute.

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