Cynthia Nixon’s Parenting Philosophy: “Decelerate”

Mom-of-three Cynthia Nixon is back on TV, playing a super-bad villain in the miniseries World Without End. The Emmy-, Tony-, SAG-, and Grammy-winning actress opens up to Working Mother about returning to television, her sons Charles (10), Max (1) and daughter Samantha (16), and managing family time.

On returning to television: “Last spring I did Wit on Broadway, which was a wonderful experience. Then I had the summer off, having fun with my kids and working in my garden. It was a rejuvenating summer. I also worked on the TV miniseries called World Without End that’s now on the ReelzChannel. I play a super-bad villain named Petranilla. She kills a lot of people, including her own family members!”

On her family’s parenting philosophy: “Decelerate. We’re always rushing around and doing something, but at some point during the day, we stop everything just to be together. You have to, so your kids know that you’re fully present. I don’t want to have conversations with my kids and all they’re seeing is my back as I’m cooking dinner.”

On managing family time: “I have a stay-at-home spouse, Christine Marinoni, so that’s an incredible luxury. Being an actor, I might have a time-consuming project but then I’ll be home a few months. I do make sure that, whether it’s months or just moments together, my kids know their mom is listening to them and truly cares about what they have to say.”

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  1. Decelerate is a wonderful word! Love it. So appropriate in the case of family life too.

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