Tory Johnson & Huggies: Giving Grants To Mompreneurs

Good Morning America contributor Tory Johnson is joining the Huggies® MomInspired™ program which provides hardworking mompreneurs $15,000 grants for their unique baby or child care idea.

Once a mompreneur herself, Tory opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about founding Spark & Hustle and Women for Hire, her 15-year-old twins who are following in mom’s footsteps, and her passion for empowering women to “turn their dreams into reality.”

CBS: Tell us about partnering with the Huggies MomInspired Grant Program. What’s it all about? Why did you want to get involved in this project?

TJ: “Huggies is committed to supporting moms who are launching innovative products that appeal to parents with babies and kids. In talking to moms, Huggies learned that access to capital is the single biggest barrier to launching and growing a small business. So over the last three years, the Huggies MomInspired Grant Program has awarded grant money to women with great ideas. To date, Huggies MomInspired has given away nearly $500,000 directly to the hands of mompreneurs.

I’m so proud to support this effort because I started my business 13 years ago with $5,000, so I know what $15,000 can do for each winner. Plus, even more valuable is the boost that comes when a global brand like Huggies validates your business idea. This grant is like winning the mompreneur lottery!

Best of all, everyone and anyone can be inspired by their successes, which will encourage others to turn their dreams into reality. You can check out all of the inspired women that the Huggies MomInspired Grant Program has recognized at”

CBS: Please tell us about your New York Times bestselling book. What’s it all about? What inspired you to write the book?

TJ: “I’ve written six books on career advancement for women. The most recent one is Spark & Hustle, which focuses on launching and growing a small business right now.”

CBS: You’re the founder of Spark & Hustle and Women for Hire. Please tell us all about both.

TJ: “Women for Hire produces career expos for women seeking employment. Spark & Hustle hosts conferences to teach women how to turn passion and purpose into profit as a small business owner.

It’s so rewarding to travel the country to meet thousands of amazing women who are making great things happen for themselves and their loved ones.”

CBS: Tell us about your kids. What are their names and ages? What are they into?

TJ: “Jake and Emma are my 15-year-old twins. They’re amazing students and truly exceptional people — smart, kind, gracious. More perfect than I could have ever imagined. They’re very involved in my business – from talking about every detail over dinner, to attending many of my events. Having their support is essential to what I do.”

CBS: Tell us about your appearances on Good Morning America. When can viewers see you? What are your topics?

TJ: “I do a segment each week on Good Morning America where I feature exclusive deals for our viewers. It’s a ton of fun and viewers love saving money and being introduced to new things. You can see all of them at”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

TJ: “We are finalizing plans now for the 2013 Spark & Hustle tour where we will host two-day events in 15 cities. Learn more at You can also talk to me at and @toryjohnson on Twitter.”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Tory Johnson

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  1. We were so excited to meet you at the ABC Expo. Would love to see you again if the tour comes by or through Vegas :)) Andyou are so right about this statement “Plus, even more valuable is the boost that comes when a global brand like Huggies validates your business idea. This grant is like winning the mompreneur lottery!”

    This is exactly how I feel! I’m so excited about the future of SnuggWugg thank you for spending time with us at the Huggies boothoh and I have some super fun pics I need to send to you Tory from the show! Huggies 2012 Mom Inspired Grant Winner

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