Arianna Huffington: Be KIND & Give Back This Holiday Season

This holiday season, syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington is joining a new campaign from KIND Healthy Snacks entitled ‘Snack and Give Back’ to encourage fellow moms to snack smart and give back over the holidays.

The mom-of-two opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about joining the campaign that supports the Committee to Protect Journalists, a nonprofit organization committed to defending press freedom worldwide. She also talks about founding the Huffington Post, and her best advice for fellow bloggers.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with KIND Healthy Snacks and the ‘Snack and Give Back‘ campaign. Tell us how the program inspires moms to snack smart and give back this holiday season.

AH: “Partnering with KIND and participating in the Snack and Give Back campaign will achieve two things: promoting a healthier way of living and supporting the Committee to Protect Journalists, an organization whose important work is central to the future of journalism.

The campaign includes our GPS for the Soul Cube, made of my favorite KIND Bar flavors. GPS for the Soul is one of the HuffPost projects I’m most excited about: an app we are launching in January that is designed to gauge the state of your mind, body and spirit, and help you course-correct when you veer away from a centered place of harmony and balance.”

CBS: Tell us about your GPS for the Soul KIND Cube.

AH: “Each custom-designed cube contains 20 KIND bars made of my favorite flavors: Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants, Almonds and Apricots in Yogurt, Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt and Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio + Antioxidants. You can find them on”

CBS: You created The Huffington Post! Thank you for trailblazing for bloggers like us. What’s your best advice for bloggers like us?

AH: “Bringing together people from different parts of my life and facilitating interesting conversations has always been part of my Greek DNA. So from the beginning, the whole point of the Huffington Post was to take the sort of conversations found at water coolers and around dinner tables — about politics and art and books and food and sex — and open them up and bring them online.

My advice to our bloggers at HuffPost and to you is to find the stories that matter most to you and your community, chomp down, and refuse to let go, even after others in the media have moved on.”

CBS: Tell us about your two daughters Christina and Isabella. What are their ages? What are they into? Do they have a blog or do they enjoy writing?

AH: “Christina, 23, is the journalist, and Isabella is the artist. She’s 21 and a junior in college — and both my office and my home are filled with her artwork.”

CBS: How do you teach your girls to give back during the holiday season?

AH: “Whenever my daughters have gone through difficult times in their own lives, they’ve found strength, connection and meaning by helping others.

Years ago, for example, one of my daughters had problems with an eating disorder. When she started volunteering at A Place Called Home in South Central Los Angeles that helps take care of at-risk teenagers and younger children, it began to change her own sense of her problems, of how she saw herself. There’s nothing like reaching out to help others to put your own problems in perspective.”

CBS: What’s your best advice for working moms who have a million things on the go, but want to keep balanced with their career and motherhood?

AH: “There’s ample research suggesting that the solutions to our “always on,” career-driven lives are within reach, and that family can actually be a great thing for your career, by giving us perspective and the ability to be less reactive to the daily ups and downs of our working lives. Because, hey, we have something very important waiting for us at home.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

AH: “More great things happening at HuffPost…more international editions (Germany and Brazil are next), greater expansion of our streaming network HuffPost Live, and of course the launch of GPS for the Soul in January.”

Cubes are available for purchase at ‘Snack and Give Back’ beginning November 1, 2012 and retail at $42.95.

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