Danica McKellar: “My Son’s Smile Gets My Day Going”

Best known as her portrayal of Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, actress and best-selling author Danica McKellar recently opened up to Daily Single about her sweet son Draco, the most memorable event in her life and how she ended up acting and writing books.

On her son: “My son just turned 2, and I am still nursing him in the morning first thing. I like to play him little videos on my phone. He loves Sesame Street and anything related to garbage cans. My son’s little smile gets my day going.”

On the most memorable years of her life: “Giving birth to my son, who just turned 2 years old today, has been the most memorable experience so far in my life. On the professional side, when my first book, “Math Doesn’t Suck”, came out, I had no idea that it was going to turn into such a big deal! Things just exploded with Newsweek covering it and me being the ABC News “Person of the Week” etc. I get tons of e-mails from girls everyday telling me how I have changed their lives.”

On her career path: “My mom was good friends with people in the industry. I guess when I was little I used to look at myself in the mirror a lot, and Leslie Ann Warren had told my mom that she thought I should become an actress. When my sister and I were 7 or 8, my mom asked us if we’d like to try acting. We went to the Lee Strasberg School for about a year and were in a number of plays. An agent came to one, so I started getting auditions starting at age 9. I got the part for “The Wonder Years” at 12. As far as writing, I graduated with a math major from UCLA, and over the years maintained an online site answering questions about math. In 2005, I did a spread for Stuff magazine, and the NY Times did a piece on how I took time off from acting after “The Wonder Years” to study math and had co-authored a theorem. A couple of book agents contacted me after seeing that. I like being an inspiration to people studying math, so the writing sort of came out of what I was doing already online.”

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