Sarah Jessica Parker: Proud To Vote

Channeling her inner Annie Hall, Sarah Jessica Parker was photographed with her 3-year-old twin daughters – Loretta (striped tights) and Tabitha – in New York City on Monday (November 5). Joined by the nanny, SJP rocked a hat, shades and winter coat as she walked the girls to preschool.

Looking every bit the proud democrat, the Sex and the City star went to vote Tuesday morning at a public school in the West Village. The political actress showed off her T-shirt to support the re-election of President Barack Obama as she walked to the polling station. 

“I think there’s an enormous amount at stake, it concerns me,” said Parker of the U.S. presidential election. Reportedly, she would be in “great despair” if the President lost the vote to Republican Mitt Romney.

She added, “I’m speaking up for the 47 percent. For women in this country who rely upon social programs — not because they’re lazy, not because they don’t want to work hard, not because they feel entitled — but because they need access to basic health care that we all, the privileged few or many of us, sort of take for granted.”

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  • Zar55

    i dont know why they say those girl are one of best dressed kids, i mean they dress NORMAL as any other kid, i dont see anything special 🙂

  • cady

    The nanny reminds me a lot of Lily Rabe. She’s very pretty.

  • Me

    I don’t know WHY she always has a nanny around…

    • Anonymous

      I guess it’s like having a Personal Parenting Assistant. You need to pee? The nanny can watch the kids. Need to talk to the producer of your next movie? The nanny’s got you covered. Need to look at fabric samples for your next clothing line? The nanny will take the kids out for ice cream.

      Sounds like a dream life to me.

    • Anonymous

      Gee, let’s see. WHY would someone always have a nanny around? Hmmm… maybe to HELP with their kids? Yes, I think that’s it!

      Do I win a prize (for providing the most obvious answer in the freaking universe)?

  • arabella

    super adorble

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