Gwen Stefani & Zuma: Airport Arrival

Edgy mama Gwen Stefani and her 4-year-old son Zuma were photographed leaving their hotel on Wednesday (November 7) in Paris, France and heading to the airport to catch a flight.

The mother-son duo – who were missing big brother Kingston, 6, and rocker papa Gavin Rossdale –  were later pictured going through airport security.

It seems the latest collection from Gwen children’s clothing line titled Harajuku Mini for Target happens to mark its one-year anniversary. This festive collection for babies, kids and tween girls has a fancy-type theme and an emphasis on black and white.

“I love black and white, so I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate all the fun trends of the season, and mix and mash it up with my trademark houndstooth pattern,” Gwen reveals.

“I’m obsessed with the sequined star pattern dress—it’s the perfect party dress,” she comments about her favorites pieces of the collection. “For boys, I love the houndstooth suit with French terry sleeves paired with skinny houndstooth pants, or the twofer woven shirt with houndstooth vest and a blue bowtie. Such a cute look!”

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  • Amy

    I have a 3.5 year old daughter. I DO have an umbrella stroller, which is pretty much only used at amusement parks and zoos. Oh, and my mother likes to take it to the mall when she has my daughter. But other than that – my daughter walks. Everywhere. Grocery stores, airports, etc. Why is this child not walking?!?!

    • Lakesha

      There are people who may be critical of your use of the stroller for a child that old.

      • Amy

        Probably. But my child’s feet don’t hang off of the stroller so it looks like she’s about to flinstone her way around. I think my mother using the stroller at the mall is too much. I only use it at the zoo or an amusement park. But using a stroller on a regular basis for ANY child that is capable of using their own two feet to get around – is obnoxious. I haven’t used a stroller for my daughter for anywhere except where I’ve already said, since right around her 2nd birthday.

        • Anonymous

          So a stroller for a 3-year old is fine when YOU say it’s fine?

          Zoo, ok.

          Amusement Park, ok.

          Airport? Absolutely not okay (in the world according to self-righteous Amy).

    • christine

      Geez, Amy — you have absolutely no idea how much walking this kid has or has not been doing on the day the picture was taken. People walk a lot more in European countries than they do in the US, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been walking around Paris that same morning.

      It’s the same thing as if someone had taken a picture of your daughter in your umbrella stroller at the zoo, and then people looked at the picture and said “Oh my god, that child NEVER walks!!”

      And, really, just because your daughter walks in grocery stores or at airports doesn’t mean she’s doing a significant amount of walking. I say this because most of the people I know tote their kids around in cars door-to-door, and rarely is anyone walking through the neighborhood to get places, like TO the grocery store or TO preschool.

      Save your outrage for something that you know to be true, rather than these crazy assumptions you make based on a handful of photographs. Even if the kid is photographed EVERY day in a stroller, it doesn’t mean that he walks any less than your daughter.

  • coco


  • Jo

    I saw the photo the other day of Gwen pushing Zuma in the stroller but thought maybe it was a one time thing or special occasion…I have to just say he is a big boy!! At 4 years old he should be walking like a big boy and not having momma pushing him in the stroller…just my opinion!! But I do lover some Gwen!!

  • eliz

    he does look slightly awkward in this pic! jeez. between this and the constant nanny shots i’m losing respect for her!

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure she’ll be devastated. I don’t know where she gets off deciding to put her kid in a stroller without checking with you first to make sure you wouldn’t lose respect for her.

      She’s a SINGER for f*ck’s sake, not Mother Freaking Theresa.

  • I love Gwen, but when your kids feet touch the ground and he’s tall enough to ride carnival rides on his own, it’s time to take out the binky and fold up the strollers…

    • Anon

      May you should jot her a note and let her know. She clearly didn’t get the memo from the Holier-Than-Thou Mothers Club.

  • Kamila

    Just because someone doesn’t parent the way you parent doesn’t mean it’s wrong or bad. Mothers need to stop attacking other mothers over trivial crap like stroller use. What’s it to you if her kid uses a stroller at 4? She parents her son the way SHE wants to parent him, not how you do.

  • Kasey1

    Look, I’m not a parent (yet I’m the first one to bash on one who does something wrong-it comes from having to practically raise my nephew at the age of 21 because his parents are ignorant they are 18 and 24) anyway, I think the stroller is fine. I wouldn’t expect him in it at say, 8 or 9 years old, but he’s only 4. I think it’s fine. But hey, what do I know?

    • Anon

      Why do you need to be “the first one to bash on one who does something wrong”? Why do you need to judge people so harshly?

  • Sally Ann

    He may be tired or sick, nobody knows but them so don’t condemn them for their use of a tool that is meant to help parents/caregivers get around with their children. I just think it happens to look awkward because of how tall Zuma is. If he was a petite boy of 4 & his legs didn’t drag it wouldn’t look so strange.

  • Joy

    huge boy in a stroller. looks silly. that is all.

    • Zar55

      I agree, it is not how old is the kid, it’s about how big is, and Zuma is big and looks ridiculous in stroller

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