P. Diddy Celebrates Birthday With His 6 Kids

Sean ‘P. Diddy‘ Combs turned 43 on Sunday and celebrated with his children.

“The best birthday gift I could ever have. #6 thank u GOD,” Puffy posted via Instagram. As it turns out, the rap superstar was moved to tears when his children presented him with a song written in his honor.

Diddy’s stepson Quincy, 21, created a special track, which also features messages from the star’s other children.

Th lyrics read: “Dear Dad/ It’s your day… Well first off I wanna say that I’m thankful for this day/ It’s the day that you were given life/ And I thank god for it every night/ Wishin’ you a happy birthday.”

The proud papa took to Twitter to share his joy.

In a series of posts, Diddy writes, “This is the best birthday present i’ve ever gotten. You gotta hear this. Quincy feat. the Combs’. B-Day Song. I can’t believe they did this! I’ve been crying for last hour! so nice!”

And not to mention his excited about last night’s election!

“Big O & I in 2004 when I predicted that he would be the first black President,” Puffy wrote. “The 2nd time around feels even better. Let’s do the bus stop LOL.”

The R&B star is also dad to Justin, 18, Christian, 14, and Chance, 5, and 5-year-old twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James.

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  1. Anonymous

    And all from different women. What a role model….NOT.

  2. Eve

    It would be nice if black people would get this involved in politics for a reason other than color. So sad.

  3. Anon

    At least none of them got his teefs.

  4. LENAH

    happy birth ay p daddy and many more years to come.I wish u the best u and your family enjoy your day.

  5. I love p diddy and his family clan, they are so mazing http://sunstarxpress.com

  6. BooBooBaby

    So he has 5 biological children!?

    That’s what I searched for….

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