Ben Affleck & His Sweet Seraphina

Such a gorgeous father-daughter duo.

Argo actor Ben Affleck and his adorable daughter Seraphina, 3, were spotted arriving at the Brentwood Country Mart on Thursday (November 8). It looks like big sister Violet, 6, little brother Samuel, 8 months, and mama Jen Garner stayed home for this outing.

Ben recently opened up about his latest film Argo – a based-on-truth thriller about a CIA hostage rescue operation – in which he acted, directed and produced.

“I always wanted to be a director,” he tells “I directed some very bad student films. Probably the smartest thing I have ever done is use my acting career as a free film school, because they can’t kick you off the set for asking questions if you are actually in the movie. So that is what I did. I consider myself a filmmaker and an actor and a writer and a producer. I don’t make stark delineations between those. I think they are all part of the same suit of making a movie.”

“So then George Clooney bought it and hired Chris Terrio, who is an excellent writer, to write it,” he continues. “That took a couple of years. But then I was just lucky to end up with it. I was lucky enough to be sent the script, and I was stunned by how good it was. It was a drama, it was a thriller, it was a comedy and it was a true story. So I called George right away and I said “Look, I got to do this, I really want to do it. And here is how I would want to do it.” We talked for a couple hours and I think he said yes just to get me off the phone.”

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  • anon

    Jennifer is in Louisiana filming a movie – not sitting at home.

  • Anonymous

    Those Affleck sisters sure have the worst teeth.

    • Anonymous

      Fortunately for them their teeth can easily to corrected however, your ignorance and lack of manners will no doubt provide a much greater challenge. My comment is in response to Anonymous at 6:50 dated November 8, 20012.

  • mrs. trumbell


  • Bunny

    Yep, she let them suck those pacifiers too long, especially the older kid. They are always at that Brentwood Mart. Do photogs just sit outside all day? Wow, boring family photos every day.

  • Zar55

    i love this family, but why is Ben wearing leather jacket and Seraphina just a t-shirt :DDD

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