Heather Dubrow: “I Bring A Voice Of Reason” To RHOC

Breakout stars of the notorious Bravo hit show The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow and her husband Terry bring family values in one of Southern California’s wealthiest communities. Heather is the epitome of the busy mom on-the-go managing Hollywood and a household with her world-renowned plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, and their four young children

The husband-wife duo opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about juggling their careers and family life, “sticking at four” children, and bringing “a voice of reason” and a “functioning family to the show.”

CBS: Congratulations on being breakout stars on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tell us about that.

HD: “I think BRAVO wanted to show a different area of Orange County and we were brought on to do that.”

CBS: With so much drama on the show, what do you bring to the series? More drama? Family values?

HD: “I think I bring a voice of reason. I’m very honest, which might be off putting to some, but you know where you stand with me. As a family, we bring a functioning family to the show. Not perfect, but a functioning, loving family.”

CBS: Tell us about your four children: 8-year-old twins Nicholas & Maximillia, 6-year-old Katarina and Colette, nearly 2. What are they into? What do they do to make you laugh?

HD: “The twins are so funny. Nikki is into flag football and he is a sweet guy. His twin sister is into magic and singing. She has a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor.

Katarina just turned six-years-old and she is very creative and loves to ‘pretend play.’ She takes a movie making class that she adores.

Colette is 22 months and very frustrated because she can’t communicate very well, but she wants to. She is very cute, and has been up all night recently because she is having night terrors so no one is getting much sleep right now, especially me.”

CBS: Are you hoping to add to the brood? Or is 4 enough?

HD: “We’re sticking at 4. It’s a big family and we are very happy.”

CBS: Terry, what would you say if any of your children approach you one day for plastic surgery? Would you encourage them to go under the knife?

TD: “Plastic surgery is a very personal decision. My kids are very young and it is something that we don’t even have to think about. When they get older and are at a more appropriate age it would be something that we would discuss then if they were to approach us one day.”

CBS: Are any of your children showing an interest in showbiz? Do they enjoy the cameras being around? What would you do/say if they want to pursue their own careers in the business?

HD: “My kids are all very theatrical and musical. They put on shows at the house all the time. As far as professionally, I feel like children should be children. They can study theatre arts, but they have to wait until after college.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

HD: “Obviously my 4 kids keep us very busy. I have been filling in as a radio host for KFI AM talk radio, and I am going to be in an upcoming episode of Hot in Cleveland.”

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  2. Lulu

    This woman is such a “B”…cannot stand her.

  3. HandsomeLustyBlackLadBrad1953

    Did you know that Kevin “Butch” DuBrow,Quiet Riot’s deceased-Nov.19,2007,at 52 from a cocaine overdose-front-man,was Heather DuBrow’s brother-in-law?(Quiet Riot,
    one of my all-time favourite hair metal bands,was known for its hits,”Cum On,Feel The
    Noize,””Metal Health,””Big,Black Cadillac,” and “Mama,Weer All Crazee Now.”)

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