Leah Messer Is “100% Prepared” For Baby No. 3

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is looking forward to being a third time mom.

After suffering a miscarriage this January, Leah and her husband Jeremy Calvert put their baby making plans on hold but received a happy surprise just months later.

“I’m not going to say it wasn’t planned, because we intended to try — eventually,” she tells Us Weekly. “It just happened a little sooner than we expected.”

“Our parents are thrilled,” she adds. “It’ll be Jeremy’s parents’ first grandchild, so they’re really excited.”

“There is a reason God gave the baby to us now,” the 20-year-old mother to twins Aleeah and Ali with ex-husband Corey Simms says.

While some critics say Leah is too young to have another child, the MTV star – who first appeared on season two of 16 and Pregnant – says she’s ready to welcome baby no. 3.

“The path I chose isn’t right for everyone, but it’s right for me,” she explains. “I am financially stable — we just bought our first home — and I’m emotionally fit to have another child. I’m 100 percent prepared — way more than I was at 16.”

Jeremy and Leah are set to welcome their first child together this winter.

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  1. Alyssa

    Minus an education and career.

  2. arabella

    “I am financially stable — we just bought our first home,Yeah thanks to mtv.

  3. Laura

    BAHAHAHAHAHAA…..she wont even be with this guy when shes 25 WATCH and see. 2 times married by 20, once divorced by 20,LOL what a loooozer.

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  6. laura

    “100% prepared”? Just rubbish..
    At 20- never mind if you got married- you’re still a kid, you’re just out of your teens.. It would be too soon even if she hadn’t been a teen mum, and especially since she already has 2 children (one of which needing special care) it’s not good to add another this soon.
    A ring on your finger doesn’t make you more mature. At the opposite, in cases like Leah’s it just shows her irresponsibility, it shows how she is NOT mature. At 20 she is already a mother of two, divorced from her first husband, married a second time, miscarried, and pregnant again with her new husband, and you call this person “mature”, “ready”?????

    • Anonymous

      I just shake my head at people who have decided for everyone else when is the right age to have a child.

      “At 20- never mind if you got married- you’re still a kid, you’re just out of your teens.”

      So what age is the right age? Is it 21? 22? 25? 29? 32? What is the EXACT right age for EVERYONE on the planet to have a child. You’ve already determined 20 is not it, so what age is it???

      • Kasey1

        Actually, if you look it up, they say people who have kids in their early 30’s (or late 20’s) are less likely to be depressed than those who have children too soon. That’s not for every case though, but on the show, she’s clearly shown her immaturity. She was dating Robbie, broke up with him, got pregnant by Corey within a month, went back to Robbie, married Corey, cheated on him before her wedding day, divorced him a couple of months later, got with this dude, miscarried, married him and is expecting her third child. Good for her if that’s what makes her happy, but she’s put her life out there for the world to see, people are going to judge it. It may not be the fact that she’s “20”, and she may have changed, but she’s shown she can’t make up her mind. She seems like a nice person, but three kids, two divorces at 20 with 2 different men and one she married she’s only been with for not even two years doesn’t scream mature does it?

      • laura

        I’m not “deciding”, I just give my opinion, which, since I see it shared by a lot of people, seems perfectly reasonable to me..
        Yours, instead, is not so easily sharable, as proven by the many minus points that you have.. 🙂

        • Kasey1

          Lol thought you were talking to me there for a moment, and I was almost hey like, hey I was agreeing with you! But I agree with your original comment, regardless of how mature she is at 20, the show proves otherwise, she is very indecisive, irresponisble, and immature in my opinion.

          • laura

            Ah ah, no, obviously I was talking to the anonymous that first commented my original comment.. 🙂
            I think it’s so hypocritical to say things like “she’s a married woman”, “she’s better now”, “she can afford it”, when everything proves she is not mature, especially how she takes marriage into consideration.. Having been married twice at 20 is definitely NOT a sign of maturity. I could understand the first mistake, especially since he was the father of the babies, so if she felt the pressure I would understand it, even though I don’t think you should get married just because you fell pregnant.
            BUT after that, after realizing that marrying that guy was wrong, don’t do it twice!!
            There’s no hope for these girls..

  7. Kasey1

    And the point I was trying to make that IN MY HUMBLE OPINON, a person a little older wouldn’t be so fickle and wishy washy because they’re more mature. As much as I like to pretend I’m super mature for my age (21) even I get fickle as well and I get weighed down even by watching my nephew for 7 days every other week while his mother parties and his father works. I’m saying it’s a lot for people our age and she has a lot of extra added stress. I just think she could’ve waited a little longer, but hey its her life.

  8. christina

    Well i still think her and Corey shoulda stayed together

  9. leann

    I think that you guys are a bunch of judgemental ppl!! If she wants to have another chil good for her..shes the one taking care of them not you or the tax payers! And so what if she made her money from MTV it still spends! My advice some of u is simply stop HATEING!!O:-)

  10. Me

    You don’t have to be in your 30s to be a good mom. I think Leah is a great mom. Her girls are well taken care of. No one can decide when its a good time for someone else to have a baby. Leah wouldn’t be having another if she thought she couldn’t do it. You guys don’t have people judging ever decision you make, if you did I am sure a lot of people would disagree with the ones you make. None of you personally know Leah so how can you judge how mature she is? Must girls her age are strung out on drugs.

  11. Norma

    I think she knows what she’s doing.I dont think enough people give her credit.She would never of divorced the first husband if he would of been willing to work on their problems.I think she will prove all your doubters wrong.So what if she bought her first home with money made from the show.She earned it by letting cameras follow her everywhere,and document her ups and downs.I’m tired of this “shes still a kid bah bah bah”.I was pregnant at 18 and married.I’m 41 now and I’m still married to him.It works out if you work at it! She’s 20 ,she has plenty of time for a career also.

  12. ak

    She still messed up big with corey!! They were so cute together!!

  13. intheknow

    It takes more than a home and a smile to be prepared for that next kid… Leah has NO IDEA what she is in for just wait until she has a newborn screaming for her attention and two active twins going in opposite directions. And this time according to her, this hubby will not be around to help or watch the kids while she is out running the streets with her exs 🙂 oh leah i pray there is another season of teen mom 2 comming lol i hate to say it but I can’t wait to see you fall flat on your face!!!! LOL LOVE IT!!!!

  14. DMB

    I just stumbled on this site and I usually don’t say much but I have to say that I feel sorry for Leah having to hear lots of negitive feed back. When in all actuality, she is still very young and she is still learning about life. No one is perfect and I feel that she is a very caring and wonderful mother. If she is having another baby, it’s better than an abortion (in my opinion). I wish her the best of luck and I think that if some of the people who say mean things about her are probably much worse. She’s got it together better than alot of other people her age, and I hope she carries on well enough for her family’s approval and not as much for the public’s approval. For all of you that are so judgemental, if you had twins her age you would applaud her. And if ya’ll are so bored that you have to pick on her than you should probably go read a book; do something useful. Spend less time worrying about Leah and more time worrying about yourselves.

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