Heidi Klum: I’m In Love, The Kids Are Happy

Will Heidi Klum get her fairy tale ending after all?

The German beauty, 39, who is mom to four kids – Leni, 8, Henry, 7, Johan, nearly 6, and Lou, 3 –  told German magazine Bunte that she has found love once again — and the kids are happy about it.

“Yes, I’m in love,” the Project Runway star said of her bodyguard-turned-boyfriend, Martin Kirsten.

And the model mom says her kids are on board with the new romance.

“They like him very much,” she told the mag. “This is also one reason why I’m so fond of him. He’s been helping me for four years now. And he takes wonderful care of the kids. He plays with them, he protects them. I trust him.”

“I’m someone who believes in a fairy tale and when I said I do, I meant forever,” she said in September. “But I don’t know… You never know what happens. Life changes. It’s that road with all those bumps and holes and you’re trying to struggle through them. And I don’t know…we just couldn’t make it work, you know?”

The mom-of-four announced her separation from musician Seal in January after seven years of marriage. The former Victoria’s Secret model filed divorce papers in April.

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  • Anonymous

    What 2 totally different types of men…..Good for her.

  • Anonymous

    In love so fast after her sposet divorce love of her life? This woman fall fast what about taking time out to be you with out being in a relastionship she and JLO are two sides of the same coin.

  • Banana

    Heidi is sounding like she and the bodyguard had a affair while she was still married to Seal makes me think Seal was right about somthing going on between the two of them.

  • Danielle

    She’s hardly going to say her kids are miserable… they are too young to understand relationships. I bet they’re just thinking I wish we still lived with daddy.

  • obummer

    Good for you Heidi!!!!! Congrats

  • Mickie

    Headline says one thing, picture say another….

  • Elizabeth

    Ugh. She’ll be happy for about 8 hours.

  • Kasey1

    Well, she’s proven how bored she gets with men. From her marriage to Ric, to the chili peppers singer, to whoever, and now this guy. It’s her life but regardless of whether her kids knew the guy or not, a divorce is a tough transition on anyone you would think she would have waited before doing that. But hey she knows what’s best for her kids, not me. If she thinks she’ll be with him forever, that’s fine. But I don’t see how people introduce their kids to temporary flings, whether you’re in love or not. She seems to move too fast in relationships anway…

  • Pop

    Kasey 1-This guy has been around for the past four years of her kids lives…she didn’t just introduce a “fling” to her kids. Get your facts straight!

  • Kasey1

    Pop-I said regardless of whether the kids knew the guy or not, that includes four years, yes. But it’s also unhealthy to be shacking up with her new boyfriend while she and her husband have not even been divorced a year and she moved on very quickly. That’s her business, but if you think about it, it’s very messy. Divorced the father of her four kids, started dating the bodyguard (regardless of how long he’s been there), maybe she should’ve kept the relationship with bodyguard underwraps. Just my opinion, she should focus on her children and how they feel through the divorce, not moving on so quickly into the next serious relatonship, because now the dynamic is different I’m sure. He’s no longer the “bodyguard” he’s mom’s “new boyfriend.” Think about it, but that’s just me.

  • Da

    I like them both (Heidi and Seal) I just find it in poor taste to be going around talking about how in love you are, when the separation is still kind of fresh. Especially when kids, some of whom are getting older and will google this one day, are involved. There’s something to be said for discretion and class. No matter who’s fault or whatever it may be, it doesn’t matter. You should carry yourself a certain way and with your children in mind. No one’s saying don’t be in love, just carry yourself a little better..everyone doesn’t need to know your business.

    • Kasey1

      Agree one hundred percent. I don’t like when celebrities parade their new relationships around and then ask for privacy when it fizzles. The less people know about her relationship, the easier it should be.

  • Pam

    4 yrs?????? Sounds someone was cheating on the man she professed to love so much. I remember the story she gave for when she first met Seal, her words were, “as soon as I saw him I knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life with him”

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