Octomom’s House Visited By Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services visited the home of Nadya “Octomom” Suleman Wednesday, after receiving a report last Friday that expressed concern about the children’s welfare.

“They saw the kids are all well taken care of, eating, bathing and attending school daily. There is no abuse going on with any of the children, this is just another attempt by the former babysitter who called in the report after she was served with a temporary restraining order from the oldest, Elijah, last Friday,” Suleman’s rep tells The Huffington Post.

The rep adds: “They were welcomed into the home and they commented [on] how immaculate the home was. We are actually happy they came because this will stop the false allegations the former babysitter keeps making. We told them there is an open door for them and they can come by any time unannounced.”

Nadya is currently in rehab for stress, anxiety, exhaustion and Xanax addiction. The rep says Suleman speaks with the children twice a day and has spoken with Child Protective Services.

The mom-of-14 left the facility on Sunday night for work with a counselor from the center. She is now back in treatment at the rehab center.

“Nadya … has had visits with the kids as well at the treatment center weekly,” reveals the rep . “She has been in for 17 days and may stay longer than the 28-day program.”

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Stay strong Nadia those babies need u..I would probaly be additied to zanax or something if i had to raise anymore than i have so kudos to u for doing the better than some who aren’t raising a litter.


For the sake of the mom and the kids, they need to be broken up into several good homes that interact well together. If I were her or one of her kids, I’d be so glad to have that happen!!!

Adopted Mom

No, Shelley…that would not be in their best interest. No sibling groups want to be split up, no matter how big they are. I adopted a sibling group of seven from foster care and although I am sure they would have more material things if they were farmed out to different rich families, they would not have the one thing that is most important to them: EACH OTHER.

Siblings want and deserve to stay together.

Anne Drew
I think the best thing would to keep the family together. Is it possible for her to get help with housework and washing/laundry bearing in mind her unusual circumstances. It’s bad enough looking after two children with everyday chores to do. If I had the money I would pay for her to have this help. Nada is doing her best. I’d like to see someone else take on the role of mother to 14 without the support of her husband. I don’t for a minute think she expected to have eight children in one pregnancy, who would! Heaven forbid, no… Read more »

Her choice if she couldn’t handle it should not have had the children or not kept them.


she chose to have 8 babies…….it was an “artificial” pregnancy


She is a NUTJOB, and the doctor who implanted those 8 embryos should have his license revoked. She should have been prosecuted for fraud as well. She was on disability and couldn’t work due to an on-the-job injury, but she could carry 8 babies? Really? Who paid for all of her plastic surgery? THE TAXPAYERS OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA! She sure wasn’t thinking of those kids when she decided she should have eight more. Poor things.

Lee Ann
Anne – if she were doing her best she never would have had 8 children after already having 7 other children. When the doctor implanted 8 eggs there was that expectation that all 8 would be born. How can anyone feel sorry for her? She did this to herself and since she is obviously not all there all her children should be taken from her. Her morals are obviously questionable when she poses nude for money. Who is paying for her to be in rehab??? Is that the government also??? Who asked her to get pregnant so many times WITHOUT… Read more »
Elo Techack
Keep up the good work! I raised 5 children, they all went college and are married now. I have 7 beautiful grandchildren. I use to go to doctors to keep my health strong, but they just wanted my money. I found a doctor who dealt with the nerves, and the Subleccy, also he is a nutritionist to. Medication help but also damage other part of you organ’s. So you need to build your organ up by the right kinds of food’s turn to natural products to help build your body. You are still young and can build yourself up for… Read more »

Maybe he could remove the mattress from her back………


How much we’re they paid to,report that I bet it was $1,000’s


I think she is doing her best…the world made Kate Gooslin famous for having 8 and here this woman is trying her best and the world judges her. If i had the money i would help her at least shes trying to raise them..God Bless…


I can’t believe how people are so quick to judge others. Walk a mile in other people’s shoes before saying one word. We will never know the circumstances a person is and why we do certain things we do. She could easily have given up on her kids, but she’s not, she’s fighting for them and loves them. What she needs is not a judging eye, but help for house chores, for her to get some sleep and get off Xanax, and again help!


She is emotionally unstable. What kind of loving mother would think that having 8 more babies when she couldn’t even support the six she has was a good idea? This is a train wreck. I feel sorry for the kids. I will be surprised if any of them grows up to be normal. God help them.


Not surprised. Heck, I can barely imagine having one child let alone 14. Truth is she was not thinking about her children or their well-being. She was thinking of herself and now she is getting what she deserves for being so stupid. Look at that pic of her, chances are she was probably high at that very moment.