Jessica Alba & Haven: Thankful For Flowers

Jessica Alba received some pretty flowers this week and she had 1-year-old Haven to show them off with on Wednesday (November 7).

She Tweeted: “Beautiful flowers from @HarryWinston! Thank u! thank u!”

Alba is currently filming the sequel Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

In an interview earlier this year she was asked by Working Mother how she finds balance between work and motherhood.

She replied, “I haven’t! I try to figure it out on a daily basis. If I have morning meetings, I make sure I give the girls their baths and do story time at night. My office is a couple of blocks from Honor’s school, so she can play there after classes.”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Fun

    It’s a joy to see Jessica and Haven in this photo! Jessica has done whatever its takes to love and do the best for her precious daughters!

  • Hope

    Haven is so beautiful! Even though she has different coloring then her parents, she is still just such a gorgeous little girl and she should be proud of her unique features <3

    • Lakesha

      What!?!? Even though she has different coloring than her parents? Seriously?

      • Hope

        I’ve noticed a lot of comments on here saying that Haven is ugly and looks like she’s from another mother because of her coloring and hair color. All i’m saying is that it’s special that Jessica and Cash were able to have a baby with different coloring than them, it’s unique & Haven is beautiful. She does look like her mom though!

        • DoesntMatter

          Lakesha is slow.. dont mind her, she comes around with her negative one-liners ever so often. We all know what u mean Hope. Haven does look different than her parents but still a cutie 🙂

          • laura

            I agree that Haven is cute and special, but I think you misunderstood Lakesha’s comment..
            To me it sounds like she wanted to say ” Even though she has different coloring than her parents? Why should it be an “even though”, as if the fact that she has different coloring would be a negative thing and we were making a concession, by saying “even if she has this problem of having a different coloring, she is still cute..”

            Do you know what I mean? I don’t think Lakesha meant it badly..

        • Joy

          she DOES look like she may have a different biological makeup. and there’s nothing wrong with that. she’s cute in her own way, like honor is cute in her own way. it’s no a big deal if jessica had to get a egg donor. at the same time, kids often look nothing like their parents so she could be their biological child. or she could have faked a pregnancy like people think Beyonce did. who cares! but the point is she is much lighter and has red hair and that is rare on latinos and blacks.

          • laura

            Haven has the same features as Honor, just the colorings are different, and since red hair is a recessive gene it’s absolutely normal that they appear out of nowhere, even with both parents being dark colored..
            There’s a friend of mine who has red hair, just as her brother, while her sister and parents are all dark brown haired.. All the kids are biological and it’s perfectly normal…It’s genetic!

  • Martha

    Haven actually looks like both Jessica and Honor in this picture! So cute! 🙂

  • anonymous

    The flowers are pretty.

  • Sookie

    What a cutie. I wonder who she inherited her red hair from.

    • laura

      It’ a recessive gene, so I guess both her parents have it!

  • Anonymous

    It is quite amazing though with her looks, you’d never think she’s the product of a Hispanic mother and a half black father.

    • NYC Mommy

      I believe Jessica is also 1/2 hispanic and 1/2 white. Therefore their child would be 1/2 white, 1/4 black and 1/4 hispanic. So the varied coloring would almost be expected. Regardless, both children are adorable and Jessica and Cash seem to be very hands on parents. I also love the way they dress their girls.

  • Stephanie

    Both are so beautiful in this picture and they look so happy! This is actually the first time I think Haven looks also a bit like Cash!

  • Zar55

    Her mother is Danish and also red head, and her father is Hispanic 🙂

  • honor definitely needs a new nose job because her nose looks nothing like her mom’s

  • Ali_Spain

    To me it’s the first very time that Haven looks like Honor, so what about this things like she’s from other mother???? :S

    • Ella

      In other pictures Haven has her mommy’s features. Also I think she looks more like Jessica than Cash. She’s a cutie, like her big sister!

  • lilly

    Haven looks so much like her sister! Such a cutie ♥

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