Katie Holmes & Suri Grab A Bite In The Big Apple

Katie Holmes was seen arriving at the Music Box Theater to get ready for her matinee show in New York City on Saturday (November 10). She wore a short patterned dress and ankle boots. When she left the theater she had on a different outfit and had Suri with her. The pair headed off with friends to get a bite to eat.

Suri was eating an apple when entering the restaurant.

The Dead Accounts star recently told The New York Times that she’s similar to her character Lorna.

She explained, “I’m like Lorna in that my values guide me in an instinctual way, like, ‘That feels weird’ or ‘I better send a thank you. Also, the Midwestern work ethic: You do what you do, and you don’t talk about it. You don’t say, ‘Oh, I’m a doctor.’ You won’t have many friends if you do that. And when you’re in the entertainment business where you’re applauded for so many things.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Laura

    who fricken cares????? The kid obviously HATES the papparazzi, they are right in her face SNAP SNAP FLASH FLASH…leave the poor kid alone.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh Katie! You are in your thirties and it’s way cold in NYC! You can’t go around just wearing a shirt! Yikes!

    • Laurie

      So if she were younger, the cold weather wouldn’t affect her as much?

      • AnnieMouse

        I think she was referring to the fact that she’s too old to just be wearing a shirt with no pants….for age appropriate attire, not warm weather wear…

  • May

    I’m glad to see them happy. Suri looks great and normal, and Kate looks better than she has for a long time.

  • english gal

    what I wouldn’t give to see Suri wearing a proper pair of shoes! wah!

  • Ali_Spain

    Suri has changed sooo much, that she’ s even eating an apple! not cupcakes or ice creams! (which it’s not bad for sure) but I’ve never seen her eating something healthy

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