Katie Holmes & Suri: Jumpin’ For Joy

Nice jump!

Six-year-old Suri Cruise found a way to have some fun on the walk home from school in New York City today, leaping over sidewalk puddles as her mom Katie Holmes looked on (November 12).

Dressing up her school uniform with colorful bursts of pink, Suri looked to be in a happy mood, keeping her classmates entertained as they left school at the end of the day.

This weekend Suri joined her mom at NYC’s Music Box Theater, where Katie is starring on stage in Dead Accounts. The former Dawson’s Creek star recently revealed that she doesn’t take her role for granted, saying, “I have a hard time sleeping because I think about how serious this all is. I think about the cost of tickets. I think to myself: ‘You better do a good job. People are paying a lot of money.’ You want to know your stuff.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI, Bauer Griffin


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  1. Kaz

    Katie looks tired and stressed……and Suri Suri,she has a funny face.I wonder why Tom is staying away,is it cause he is not the daddy???Hmmm

  2. Anonymous

    For someone who’s a “fashion designer”, you’d think she’d know or someone in the industry would tell her how to dress her body in a way that’s actually flattering.

  3. Zar55

    Why they dont wear tights, it is cold, this is so not taking good care of your kids health

  4. Fara

    Katie is young and cleans up well, so why does she look like such an old bag….all the time? I think Suri shares some of Tom’s features, but there is no way in hell he knocked up Katie Holmes the ‘ol fashioned way, maybe agreed to an arranged marriage, and invitro w/ his donation………….it is well known in the celeb community that he is a gay as the day is wide; I worked for a high profile celeb with ties to Cruise- who dated one of her male band members.

    • Anonymous

      Oh wow! How lucky are we that we have you in our presence! To share what you’ve learned working “for a high profile celeb with ties to Cruise”. How lucky for us that you’ve shared the ironclad evidence that he dated a man in the past! How extraordinarily lucky for us that you were there when this child was conceived and can give us the exact details of how it was (IVF) vs how it was not (sex) done!

      We are just so thankful for your vast, irrefutable knowledge!

  5. Mary

    Suri is adorable and I am sure she sees her dad but he keeps it secret to protect her. I don’t understand Katie’s dressing, she has long legs that have a tendency to be thick, she needs to dress to hide any flaws, not accentuate them.

  6. Mary

    Suri obviously hates the photographers. She was not attacked with press when living in CA when she was little (like the Broderick girls who are used to it and merrily go along), but she seems so happy to be semi normal walking home from school with new friends. Katie made great decisions for her daughter.

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