Chelsea Houska On Dating: “I’m Really Picky Now”

MTV’s Teen Mom 2 premiered for it’s third season last night (November 12) and showed Chelsea Houska and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Adam Lind trying to raise their 3-year-old daughter Aubree together – despite a tumultuous past.

“My family and friends are skeptical of our relationship, but I’m open to seeing how things go,” Chelsea divulges.

However, the premiere clearly demonstrates that Adam isn’t making enough of an effort when it comes to disciplining their daughter.

In one scene, the trio heads for lunch at an outdoor restaurant, only to have Aubree throw a mini-temper tantrum when forced to sit in a highchair.

“I don’t know what to do!” Adam says, laughing, when his daughter begins to shriek and throw papers and crayons on the ground.

“Stop laughing! Adam, help me!” Chelsea responds as Adam pauses to take a phone call during Aubree’s fit. Rather than help settle his daughter down, Adam places the blame on Chelsea, whom he once famously called “a stretch-mark bitch.”

Although she attempted a reconciliation with Adam during filming, it seems Chelsea has let go of that idea and is raising Aubree as a single mom.

“After what I went through with Adam, I’m really picky now. I don’t want to do that again,” she recently reveals to Us Weekly. “I am single and I do not see dating in the near future at all!”

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  • denise

    Seriously hate these shows. These girls are so naive about this stuff. Not as glorious as they think. These children suffer the most. GROW UP. Use PROTECTION. It doesn’t cost alot of money to walk into the drug store and purchase a box of condems. If Chelsea tried alittle harder in paying attention to Aubrey and no attention in Adam I am sure she would know what to do in case she has a tantrum again.

    • Anonymous


    • Anon

      That’s the thing. This person doesn’t watch the show. These girl go through a lot of distress and cry on air and it shows almost everything. If anything it’s probably a good show for young girls to watch because it shows how hard having a baby really is

  • Heather

    All i have to say is, her face color doesnt match her hands

  • Kasey1

    I am just wondering when these girls are going to start thinking logically, and not so emotionally all the time. Logically, you should weigh the consequences of your decisions and think about it like “hey, if it didn’t work out the first 12 times, called my daughter a mistake, is mean to me in front of people, doesn’t help me pay bills, etc” then you should obviously not have that person in your life. She should be picky, but let’s hope she’s selfless enough to not go back to Adam. And in my opinion, her little bit about “I want Aubrey to have both parents in her home and for us to be a family” well obviously he doesn’t want that and I wouldn’t have a man in my home who didn’t act like he wanted us at all….It’s good that she’s not dating. She needs to focus on her daughter and herself! Just my opinion…maybe I’m being a little harsh.

  • Anonymous

    She’s gonna have a tough time getting over her baby daddy, since her daughter looks EXACTLY like him.

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