Giuliana Rancic: I Want Duke To Be A Mini-Bill

When it came to choosing a name for her first born son Edward Duke, mama and reality television star Giuliana Rancic wanted to name him after his proud papa Bill Rancic. However, her hubby wasn’t as keen on the idea as she was.

“I’ve never been a fan of the ‘junior.’ I want to give him his own identity,” the 41-year-old father reasons in a clip from the November 13th episode of Giuliana & Bill – which was filmed just prior to Duke’s August 2012 arrival. “If he wants to name his son after me, then I’ve earned it.”

Although the couple considered names such as Luke and Zach, they ended up agreeing on a name that paid tribute to their own fathers.

“Our fathers are great men — your dad is Edward and mine’s Eduardo. We could name him Edward,” Giuliana comments in the preview clip as the couple finally settle on what to name their son.

Since his arrival, the couple have taken to calling him Duke – his middle name – which they chose because it means leader.

After they decide on the name, Giuliana reveals that she most looks forward to having a constant reminder of the greatest man in her life –  her hubby of five years.

“I want to look at him and see you. I want him to be a ‘mini Bill,'” she says on Tuesday’s Giuliana & Bill. “Honestly, I want him to be just like you.”

“He’ll be better!” replies Bill.

Giuliana & Bill airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. (EST) on STYLE.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Alli

    Ugh, does this woman have an “off” switch? Shuttie up!

  • ann

    I do like them, but I feel like lately there is too much on them, it is getting a little annoying.

  • ctl

    Is that a current picture? (I don’t enough to look it up online… Just mildly curious if she’s still that skinny.)

    • laura

      yes, she is.

  • Joy


  • Eliz

    I was wondering where she was! She was pleasantly quiet lately. -eye roll-

  • Sandra

    Her and him really annoy me so much! Go away for good!

  • stephanie

    I know it’s partially genetic, but how can you be that skinny?

    • laura

      Without eating..

    • a.

      when being skinny is in your genes, you can be that skinny. i don’t know if she’s genetically skinny or not but yes there are some people who can eat whatever they want and they can’t gain weight. please get over it its so boring.

      • a.

        okay sorry I didn’t want to offendanyone. Its just I am a naturally skinny girl and its so boring reading these rude and negative comments about thin girls. we are human beings just like you and IT DOES HURTS!!!

      • coco

        I know that someone is naturally skinny, but she’s not.. Maybe she’s naturally thin, but not this much, she looks anorexic: she doesn’t look healthy, she looks like a skeleton and when someone in naturally thin they don’t look that boney.. And I can say she’s not naturally thin because she has no energy: in one of the last episodes of her show she went to a zumba lesson and she had to lay down to the floor because she couldn’t make it to the end of the lesson, she was too exhausted.. I know zumba takes a lot of energy, but if you really cannot arrive to the end of a lesson, you do have a serious problem.

        • Anonymous

          Well, since none of us are monitoring her food intake, we really don’t know why she’s so skinny, do we?

          • Rose

            She wrote a blog about what she eats, and she’s definitely working to stay that thin. It didn’t happen naturally.

          • coco

            You can see if it’s natural or not: she looks too boney, if someone is naturally skinny their body is more”round”, you don’t literally see the shape of every bone.. Look at her shoulders, for example, or at her arms.. They look like deprivation, not like naturally skinny.. January Jones is naturally thin, and she doesn’t look boney..

        • a.

          yes maybe she’s not genetically thin. I just said it hurts when you call somebody you don’t know a skeleton and other rude things. It hurts the same way when I say that you are fat etc. the difference is that we can’t offend fat people, but they can offend us.
          sorry, english is not my first language I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

          • coco

            I understand, but no one made a general statement against thin or fat people.. 🙂
            I am firmly against people who starve themselves because they think the skinnier the merrier, like Giuliana Rancic, who doesn’t look healthy or natural at all, but this has nothing to do with people’s natural constitution..

    • Ellen

      The same way my sister is – genetically. My 90 lb 50 year old sister could out eat a body builder and never gain an ounce.

      • A. Smyth

        I severely doubt that every celebrity in hollywood naturally has such a high metabolism…surely you can admit that at least a few of them just DON’T EAT? It’s a fact, and has been revealed numerous times by celebrities either after they stop starving themselves (actually, I remember reading an interview with Ray’s wife from Everybody Loves Raymond saying that she starved herself etc – pretty dull interview other than that). I have seen this twig with more meat on her before, so refuse to believe she’s just an exception to the rule.

  • May

    *sigh*. Oh Giuliana, you look so much better when you’re quiet.

    • laura

      Agreed. When she’s silent she looks dumb, but when she speaks she confirms your impression, so silence would be much better: at least it leaves the doubt..

  • laura

    ..So she really thinks babies are just accessories.. After mini-Bill she already said she wants her own mini-me: I bet she’ll try for a girl as much as she can..

    • rachel

      she may try, but it will be another boy….

  • Rose

    Why can’t she just let the child form his own identity and be his own person. And why can’t she go away. I’m so sick of the constant interviews about every detail of their lives.

  • Ellen

    They will go away when people quit interviewing them. And some people are interested or the interviews would have stopped a long time ago.

  • Melissa

    If you people are sick of reading about them, STOP READING THE ARTICLES! Just move along to the next article. Simple.

  • Sul

    Melissa,tnx. They are just haters. Don’t like her,don’t read.

  • Laguna51

    They supposedly wanted this baby so much and they can’t even manage bringing him home without the baby nurse. Hire someone to carry your child and then hire someone to raise your child. pathetic.

  • A

    You people are really stupid and ignorant!!! Giuliana had breast cancer. So yea theres a good freaking reason for being skinny, ya think??!!!!

  • Cindi

    I think it is really sad and REALLY pathetic that people CHOOSE to read or view this article and then proceed to criticize and slam G & B, their looks, choices, words, etc. Come one people. Stop being so negative and mean. I agree with the previous comments; do not get on here if you just want to bash them and you feel the way you do about them. Nobody is forcing you!

    I believe they have been through a lot and deserve to be congratulated and thankful to God for their blessings.

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