Jenny McCarthy: “Evan Was A Marathon Of Boring, Baby-Making Sex”

In a recent post in the Chicago Sun-Times, actress Jenny McCarthy opens up about her pregnancy with her 10-year-old son Evan.

“Evan was not an uh-oh,” she reveals. “He was a marathon of endless, boring, baby-making sex. I say boring because when you have sex in the hopes of having a baby, you are less likely to get dirty or say inappropriate things in case the baby in heaven can hear you. Things like “I’m a naughty bitch” and “pull my hair” were not meant for my new baby’s ears.”

“So, the day I peed on a stick that turned positive, I was elated that my eggs were not fried,” she continues. “I made a baby and I wanted to make sure I was the best nest I could be.

“The moment I found out I was pregnant, I jumped up and down like I won the showcase showdown on The Price Is Right,” Jenny – who welcomed her son on May 18, 2002 with ex-husband John Mallory Asher – says. “So I immediately ordered a BBQ pulled pork sandwich from room service. I’m not kidding. O.K., I called my husband first, then my mom and then room service. I thought it was a good idea that eating for two should start immediately.”

When Jenny gained approximately 20 pounds during her first trimester, her doctor reassured her that he wasn’t “worried about it” because Jenny was “in show business and will be forced to lose the weight out of vanity.”

“So all I did for the next two trimesters was eat,” she reveals. “[And] when I checked into the hospital to deliver I weighed 211 pounds. If pregnancy lasted 12 months, I have no doubt I would have exploded.”

“Talking to other women about their baby weight gain always fascinates me because it varies so much,” Jenny continues. “You are either a 30 pound gainer or an 80 pound gainer. Judging from my pic, I’m sure you can tell I was in the over 80 club.”

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  • maryf

    She is a bit course isn’t she!

    • Tula


  • Lynn

    hmm baby making sex for me and my man was HAWT!!!!!!!!!

  • Tula

    Heaven? I thought the fairy tale was that you go to heaven after you die, not before you’re born?

  • WTF

    I don’t get that picture….she’s clearly pregnant, so who is that 6-9 month old baby? A relative?

    • Anonymous

      It’s impossible for a baby to exist that’s not inside her stomach?

      • Annaleah

        She didn’t say anything about it being impossible for a baby to exist outside her stomach….where did you get that from??? She asked who this baby was that she’s posting a picture with. Relax…..take a nap, maybe you won’t be so crabby.

        • Anonymous

          Her implication was that if it’s not her baby, whose could it possibly be. That’s a pretty stupid thought process.

  • maryf

    Thanks Tula I thought the spelling looked wrong.!

  • Anonymous9

    You have to wonder if she’s ever going to shut up.

  • eliz

    she is so tacky… really falling from grace (obviously grace is used lightly) since her split from jim carrey

  • May

    She’s such a class act! Not.

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