Miranda Kerr: Flynn Is So Smart

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, 29, is absolutely smitten with her nearly 2-year-old tot Flynn.

“He loves to dance, loves music and he’s so smart,” the proud mama gushes to Us Weekly about her sweet son – whose latest milestones include singing the entire alphabet and counting to 15.

Staying in touch via Apple’s FaceTime iPhone program when she’s away from her hubby Orlando Bloom and their son, Miranda makes sure to keep up some regular routines.

“When he’s away from me, we FaceTime and he says ‘Mommy, dancing!’ because I’m always dancing with him,” she laughs. “He shakes his little booty and claps his hands with the biggest smile on his face.”

And some of the tunes the mother-son pair boogie to are courtesy of none other than pop phenom Justin Bieber – a young musician Flynn is starting to recognize quite well.

“The other day we were in South Africa, I turned on the TV and Justin Bieber’s documentary was on,” Miranda says. “I said ‘Flynn! Bieber’ and he said ‘Bie-ber.’ I said ‘Bieber Fever” and he said ‘Bieber Fever’ [back to me.] I thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Inside tv

    She should keep him away from pop culture if she wants him to maintain that intellectual development. Most contemporary popular culture figures and themes aimed at children are so poisonous to their social development. Give him a book, or take him to a zoo – foster that brain, don’t deter it with hollow, superficial connotations disguised as artistic expressions of individuality.

    • Anonymous

      Amen! And don’t plop him in front of a tv, and don’t give him a GameBoy, and don’t use the internet as a babysitter.

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