Peter Facinelli & Luca: Premiere Pals

Father-of-three Peter Facinelli rocked the red carpet with his 15-year-old daughter Luca at the Los Angeles premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2 at The Nokia Theater on Monday (November 12).

“Finally saw BD2 tonight. Doesn’t dissapoint,” Peter tweeted after the premiere. “Great job Bill Condon. And thanks to all the fans 4 all your support over the years. Enjoy.”

And on Sunday, he wrote, “Just went down to tent city to hang with the fans. Always amazed at the Twihard fan support. Thank u guys for the journey. #bestfansever.”

On Saturday, we spotted the Twilight hunk with his estranged wife Jennie Garth and their three daughters – including Lola, 9, and Fiona, 6 – at their weekend soccer game.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    This, in combination with the pics last week of her sitting on his lap, is a little strange to me. Heavy makeup, short dress, on his arm like a girlfriend. Little weird.

    • Anon

      I totally agree. I thought the pics the other day were a little odd but then I thought of my own 11 year old and how she is a Daddy’s girl and would probably cling to him also if we were getting a divorce. This seems very odd to me…She looks like his 25 year old girlfriend, not his 15 year old daughter.

      • AvaElizabeth

        you’re right, I thought the same that it’s really really weird.

        She definately doesn’t look like a 15 year old girl with her dad, she looks like 21 years old with her lover.

        Can’t understand how the parents tolerate that and why he takes her with him to the premiere in this outfit and makeup and with that attitude

        • laura

          Well, maybe growing up in the sparkly world of Hollywood doesn’t d any good to young girls: look at the Kardashians, when you talk about too sexualized teens they’re the main example..

    • Anonymous9

      I disagree only to the extent that I think it’s a lot weird, not just a little.

      • Anonymous


    • Bloubiboulga

      I was going to say the same. I am ready to be bashed but I always have a weird feeling looking at those two

    • Anonymous

      On his arm? Clinging? They have their arms around each other, what’s so abnormal about that? (She looks older than she is, too, so what?)

  • Someone

    I agree, it does look a little creepy. Even though she looks way older than her years, she is still his little girl, she may just be extra clingy because of the split. Isn’t there something in psychology about girls being attached to Dad, like in “competition” with the mother? And vice versa with boys?

    • Kasey1

      Yes, it’s called the Oedipus and the Electra Complex. I am super into psychology and Freud was hands down my favorite psychologist of all time. But, I can’t quote exactly what it is (mostly because I don’t want to misinform someone). But, if I remember correctly, I think it’s in the child’s younger years with this complex (like 1-4 or something). I am not sure if that’s what she’s doing, but yes it’s a little strange to see her all dolled up at that age. I was still in converse and slipknot shirts at that age (lol).

      • laura

        I don’t think she has an Electra complex, don’t exaggerate!
        I truly think it’s Hollywood’s “culture”.. We can’t understand because we are normal people, but these girls grow up between mani-pedis and mum’s heels, gowns and sparkly things.. To me a 15 year old wearing something like that is definitely too sexualized, just as it’s not normal to see a 3 year old getting a mani-pedi with her mum, but I can see where this is coming from… What do you think Anya Mazur and Honor Warren will end up in 10 years?

        • Kasey1

          No I didn’t mean I think she had an Electra Complex. (lol my bad if I didn’t type that correctly, I’m tired.) I mean that the Electra Complex is something that would develop (I think, I am not one hundred percent positive) when she is a toddler if it even happened, which I doubt. I don’t think she just randomly developed an Electra Complex. But it is a little much in my opinion. I mean not the fact that they’re together at an event, just the way she’s dressed is a little inappropriate. We are normal people as opposed to Hollywood, so it is hard for me to wrap my head around dressing that provocatively at that age. I was still in my “goth/punk” phase at that age and wore constant hoodies. LOL. But that’s just my opinion on it.

          • laura

            Ah, ok, now it’s clear!
            I agree, I don’t think there’s any complex here, it’s just the way of dressing, as we said, and I think she might just miss her dad more now that her parents are separated.
            I see nothing wrong here, a part from what strictly concerns the way girls grow up in Hollywood, as I said.. 🙂

  • denise

    Luca is beautiful and growing into a lovely young lady. Looks more of a date than daughter. But they are a beautiful family.

  • cb

    This does look weird. But he has always seemed strange to me. He and Jennie did not seem to ‘go together’ was not surprised at their breakup.
    But the daughter dresses a little bit mature for her age….dress, makeup, actions.

  • cece

    I agree with all of you: for my personal taste Luca dresses a bit too sexy for her age, 15 is still very young, definitely too young for such a short dress.
    I don’t think her attitude is too “clingy”, it’s just affectionate and she probably misses her daddy, since I guess since the divorce she must see him less than before.. What makes them look weird is her way of dressing: as I said, too sexy for her age.
    They seem to be good people, but I have to say that sadly good taste is not so common..

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a mannequin. Totally inappropriate for a 15 year teenage girl to plaster tons of makeup on and to wear a skimpy dress. And what’s with the provacative pose? **SMH**

  • Laura

    Actually, it seems very normal to me … a 15-year-old who wants to look older than she is when she has the chance to … and it’s a movie premiere, not the usual Friday popcorn-and-cinema night … personally, I think they both look great and I would have given anything to look that good when I was her age. good genes.

    • Anonymous9

      It probably is normal to want to look like that at 15. That is why we have parents who are supposed to set some limits for us.

      • Anonymous

        So what horrible event do you think will befall this girl because her parents let her dress like a grownup for an event?

        • Tara

          Are you serious?! The message alone it sends is dangerous enough. It’s inappropriate and borderline criminal. Fifteen is still a kid. Think about it last year she most likely was still playing make believe and doodling hearts on a notebook. It’s irresponsible parenting at best.

          • laura

            I mostly agree with you, but if you say “borderline criminal” you kind of ridiculize your own message..

          • Anonymous

            The message WHAT sends?!?!? Her parents let her dress up for an event. WHAT message are they sending?

          • Tara

            @laura- yeas I agree borderline criminal is a stretch:)

            @anonymous- it sends a message that it’s ok to be sexualized at the age of fifteen! There is indeed something screwed up with that. She is wearing a dress, makeup and her entire posture is provacative. Even the way she is looking into the camera. Thank god I have a son, but if I had a daughter that did that she would be in convent school in heartbeat.

          • laura

            (to the anonymous that answered my message, I can’t answer directly to his/hers:)
            You totally misunderstood my words: I was telling Tara that if she uses so extreme expressions such as “borderline criminal” she makes her own message (=what she is trying to express) kind of ridiculous, even if basically it’s very reasonable.. Got it?

          • Anonymous

            Tara….. I hate to break this to you, but 15-year old CAN BE sexual beings. Everyone from birth to adulthood (and beyond) is learning about their sexual identity, trying things out to see what fits, exploring their sexuality.

            What do YOU think is the right age for someone to start becoming sexual? And how do YOU know that it’s the right age for every one? For some people, it’s 15 and for others it might be 35.

            I feel sorry for any daughter’s you might have because you clearly think it’s ok for your boys but not girls.

          • Tara

            @ anonymous, as a former ford model I know all too well about the sexualization of teenage girls. Of course a 15 year old can be sexual but the onus lies on the arenas to draw that line and tell them UNLESS they are prepared to handle everything that comes what they are putting out there, then they better just stay age appropriate. You are a complete nut and obviously are not a parent. Just a pathetic plebeian troll trying to deride anyone who may have a more conservative viewpoint from yours. Despite trying to remain anonymous you pseudo psychological babble is evident in many pieces on this site. Good luck trying to raise kids in the real world.

  • SMH

    I agree i think its the pose. She looks more like she is posing for a bf then a dad.

    • Anonymous

      I must be blind. I don’t see clingy. I don’t see provocative. I don’t see anything wrong with the dress (in fact, I think it looks like a shapeless sack). I don’t see anything wrong with a 15-year old getting to wear grown up clothes and makeup to a fancy red-carpet event.

      I see a father and daughter attending a premiere. Period.

      Lucky for me, when I see an attractive young woman with her father, I don’t automatically think it looks in appropriate. I don’t automatically think she should be wearing long pants and a turtleneck. I don’t automatically think she’s rubbing up against him like a boyfriend.

      This is a beautiful photo. What a shame that you people just want to rip everyone apart.

      • Dixie Pixie

        Yes because everyone wants Luca to wear a turtleneck. That’s the two choices – short dress that makes her looks slutty or she’s dressed in a burka. No in between allowed.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, so now she looks “slutty” too.

          You are too much. Just too much.

          • Tara

            For a fifteen year old, a dress up to your crotch, more makeup than a clown and a pose that screams “look at me” is not age appropriate. Please don’t tell me you have a daughter.

  • m

    I think also looks weird because HE looks so young. Agree with the dress, makeup, pose comments… if she was covered up a little more, people might actually think that was his daughter.

    • laura

      Yeah, he looks like a 35 year old and she’s his 23 year old girlfriend..

  • Julia

    Where are her other sisters? odd….

    she looks in her early 30’s, who would let a 15 year old dress like that going out with her ‘dad’?

    • HF

      Her sisters are too young for that film, she is the only one old enough to watch it.

  • Fara

    Holy shiz balls………….I thought that was his date!

  • Sookie

    I know when your 15 you don’t want to dress like a tween, but something more than what looks like a slip would have been more appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    I think its weird as well, it looks like she may be having some issues with her dad moving on and maybe trying to replace herself “as his wife”? Im sure she sees girls throw themselves at him all the time and she is being territorial, or she is using him for fame? either way a bit odd.

    • Anonymous

      Or……. she’s just out at a big event with her FATHER! My god, how do you people read SOOOOOO much into a photo?!?

  • v-girl

    100% inappropriate on all levels. He should be ashamed and embarrassed.

    • v-girl

      PS…she’s a bit of a butter face.

  • Sally Ann

    She looks like she is wearing a towel. For those that don’t think it’s provocative, imagine a 15 year old in a towel, in public. You can see it stretch
    Across her hips, legs..that’s too much! I know she probably worked really hard, practicing that look in the mirror for weeks before the event and that expression really makes a difference in the picture. If she just had her arm around her dads waist and was smiling big, it wouldn’t look so creepy. I agree it also looks creepy because her dad looks so young. So pretty much in everway, it looks awkward, but other than her trying to be grown before her time, she’s a 15 year old product of two Hollywood actors. It’s not a real surprise at the lack of modesty. On the other hand though, for those that think it’s creepy he brought his daughter, who else would he have brought? His mom? He’s in the middle of a divorce!
    P.S. does anyone else for see the odd coupling of Ryan phillipe and his daughter with Reese Witherspoon happening in a few years? He looks young too and she is a mini Reese. She isn’t old enough now, but I just see this same convo happening for them in 3 years.

    • laura

      I think that the weird thing about Ryan Philippe is that his actual girlfriend looks almost like the same age of his daughter..

    • Kiley

      …. I’ve seen 15-years wear way less than this and never described them as provocative, inappropriate, slutty, creepy or awkward.

      I agree that it’s a damned shame at how these commenters are ripping apart a perfectly lovely photo.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Tara, we had such a nice break from you and your “I’m a model, I’m a lawyer, my husband abandoned me” garbage. Please crawl back under the hole you’ve been under.

    • Tara

      What the hell are you talking about loser. I am happily married with three boys?! Never was a lawyer! Am New to the site- take your meds….I will continue to write now though since I see it pisses you off:)

      • Anonymous

        Really, is that why you said “thank god I have a son”? You’re a liar and you know it.

        • Tara

          Ok psycho I was talking about my teenage son. Who would mention their twin 5 year olds in this particular post. You must live in your parents basement, you welfare- food stamp loser. What other reason would you have to convince yourself that i was on this site before? But i am glad that someone else pissed you off. Stay tuned for more and Enjoy my posts b*tch! The best is yet to come.

        • Tara

          By the way you have been reported to the site monitors.

          • Anonymous

            Good, so have you!

    • Tara

      Oh and you must be the lesbian who is pissed off at Candace Cameron for having the right to a legal marriage. Suck it up babe- you don’t always get what you wish for. Good luck with trying to get equal rights in each state;)

      • Fara

        Not to reward crazy people but in her defense there was a really annoying woman named Tara who use to post on here. I’m glad its not you- she was awful!

        • Tara

          Well it isn’t even my real name’ but this woman anonymous is a bit too psychotic. If you have an opinion contrary to hers she breaks out in hives. She most likely should have sought therapy if this “Tara” had such an affect on her. I reported her and was told back that there was someone else with the name Tara on this site….however its a pretty common name. Regardless it’s a baby blog so no one is going to agree on everything.

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