January Jones Steps Out With Son

Mad Men star January Jones was photographed with her 1-year-old son Xander in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (November 13). The pair stopped by the children’s boutique Dragonfly DuLou.

Last week, we spotted the mother-son duo out and about in Pasedena.

The single mom is currently preparing to film the sixth season of her hit TV show Mad Men, which is set to premiere in Hawaii. 

And the X-Men star will hit the big screen again next year in the cowboy movie Sweetwater, costarring Ed Harris and Jason Isaacs.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin/AKM-GSI

  • Nicole

    He is a cutie but big for his age!

  • Aoife

    Cutie pie

  • christy

    I’m dying to know who the father is?

  • Jessica

    that baby’s face *screams* jason sudeikis…

    • Nadia

      My first thought was Edward Norton but I’m with you! He look like a mini version of Jason Sudeikis

    • laura

      That’s EXACTLY what I was going to say.. I was going to say “now that he’s older he really resembles jason sudeikis!”

    • Anonymous

      You made me look twice… and I have to agree.

  • eliz

    she’s another one who doesn’t seem to have 1 motherly bone in her body… IDK, could be wrong and basing this on her mad men persona, but she always seems to have a sourpuss expresion while toting around her cute little man… im sure the constant paps have something to do with it but i don’t think i’ve ever seen a pic of her laughing with him

    • Lizzie

      She has said that she does have the motherly gene and that she really wanted kids. Her Mad Men costars said during January’s pregnancy that she will make a great mom because she is very caring. And she’s also said that she is nothing like Betty and she doesn’t find mothering to be a burden like how Betty does.

    • Anonymous

      Your problem isn’t that you’re “wrong”. Your problem is that you’re basing your entire opinion of this woman’s mothering on a few photos you see online. That’s unfair, and bound to be completely off-base.

      • Eliz

        One of her child costars said she’s cold and unapproachable! Straight from the horses mouth , so to speak. I forget if it was a mad men or a random movie costar but if little kids are saying that about you then they’re prob spot on. Children are more intuitive then you think!

        • Anonymous

          It was from Mad Men but I believe one of her co-stars came to her defense. Apparently, January stays “in character” at all times when on set and as we all know, Betty Draper is a miserable character. A child may not be able to understand that January is staying in character even when the cameras are not rolling.

        • mrs. trumbell

          yep, it was one of the little boys who plays bobby draper.

        • Susan

          Kids also parrot what their parents say, I wouldn’t be surprised if the young actor’s mother has been speaking out of turn within earshot of the young one.

    • rebecca

      I’m so sorry she’s not laughing and smiling with the strange men who stalk and photograph her and her child!

  • Elizabeth

    He always has a slightly perplexed look on his face. Also, if Jason Sudeikis is the father, wouldn’t he be in the boy’s life? Wouldn’t we see him at least once with Xander or going to her house? Maybe she just went to the sperm bank…

    • laura

      No, I think they’ve been together very briefly, not a serious thing, so probably she fell pregnant and decided to take full responsibility..

      • sara

        Somehow this is very sad. For the kid’s sake, I wish his father is in his life in one way or another. I hope he is, and “we” (i.e. the public) just doesn’t get to see it 🙂

        • laura

          I agree. But it’s also true that maybe it’s better one caring and devoted parent alone than two when one of them didn’t really want the child and he’s frustrated about it.
          I think Xander is a happy baby. Sure, a perfect world would be made of families that truly love each other, with both parents, but sometimes you can still find happiness in imperfections.. 🙂

    • Jen

      It was repeatedly stated in the media that Sudekis did not want kids and that was a big reason why they broke up.

    • Anon

      It was repeatedly stated in the media that Sudekis did not want kids and that was a big reason why they broke up.

  • Jen

    Oh yeah…my bet is totally on Sudekis as the dad, too. He looks just like him!

  • Holly

    it’s hard to tell because in some pics I can see him looking like Matthew Vaughn.

  • lulu

    Oh he’s a cute little boy! But he really looks like Matthew vaughn day after day!
    I don’t know if Matthew is his father or not and I don’t really care but I can’t stop thinking of the remarkable resemblance between them!

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