Alicia Keys: Why I Named My Son Egypt

Grammy Award-winning singer Alicia Keys covers the latest edition of Complex magazine and opens up about her new album Girl on Fire, the joys of motherhood, and how she named her 2-year-old son Egypt.

On being transformed by motherhood: “Motherhood was a big part of me breaking free. Before I gave birth to Egypt, there was a certain energy of wanting to fix things. Women want to clean stuff up before the baby comes. I refused to be in any circumstance that would give negative energy to this. That was what pushed me over the edge. It was becoming a woman. I was a girl, and now I’m a woman.”

On coming up with the name Egypt: “I took an important trip for myself to Egypt. There were a lot of things that needed to change. I was not as experienced then, so I felt close to a breakdown. I went to Egypt, and I went alone. I sailed down the Nile and I saw the temples, the tombs, and the pyramids. It was powerful. It was very Cleopatra. When we found out I was pregnant, my husband said, ‘Egypt was such an important time for you. That really changed your life. Wouldn’t that be amazing as a name?’ Once he said that, I was like, ‘Yes.’ ”

On her new album: “It’s not a departure. It’s growth. I love the way that I’ve been able to go deeper into my lyrics and my songwriting and go to a place I was too afraid to access before.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I went to Aruba last month….

  2. Anonymous

    This chick thinks she’s cleopatra reincarnated or something.

  3. lilkunta

    QUOTE: _ I went to Egypt, and I went alone….It was powerful. It was very Cleopatra.”
    what does ‘very cleopatra’ mean? we havent seen a true cleopatra bc hollywood keeps casting anlgo europeans to portray her.

    keep selling alica but we arent buying.
    you have disappointed your fans so much.
    You came out with “a woman’s worth”, “karma”. “superwoman”.
    You knowingly dated and got pregnant by a married man.
    Your love comes at the expense of a fellow ladies’ pain.
    And to think it was YOU who threw Mashonda her baby shower!
    How you get him is how you loose him.
    Swizz will cheat on you too.

  4. LINA

    You guys are heartless and she doesn’t deserve such comments.. I love the new album and I think the name Egypt is pretty awesome. I love you, Alicia.

  5. Susan

    Why are you all being so mean, I’d think adults would act more matre then that. She is a proud mother, and anyone who has kids would say the same thing. Obviously you all have no children, or husbands and you are lonely. If you think it’s boring, don’t read it. I always tell my kids “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it.” You clearly think that since you are so-called “adults” now, you think you can be jerks even though Alicia Keys will probably not even see this. Honestly, grow up.

  6. Viktorya

    I love alicia,i think th name egypt z very artistic n her new album is greattt,i respect her relationship wit swiss beats i think its a very cute couple

  7. Princess

    Women are the biggest hate squad there is . Throw dirt on her if you must but her son , her relationship with her man , and she herself is beautiful . Get your own life together before you can throw dirt on anyone elses .

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