Drew Barrymore Reveals Postpartum Weight Loss Secrets

First-time mom Drew Barrymore was all smiles at the opening of Kimberly Snyder’s GLOW BIO juice bar in West Hollywood, Calif. on Wednesday (November 14).

While the svelte actress, 37, has been spotted since the September 26 birth of daughter Olive, she made her post-baby red carpet debut at the launch bash for her nutritionist pal. 

Looking every bit the beaming new mom, the 50 First Dates star rocked her trademark casual style with a striped top, gray blazer, jeans and black boots.

“I wanted to come here and support Kim,” the Big Miracle told Us Weekly. “I love her, and as a new mom, I live and worship her program. She is such an amazing woman and I’m so happy to have a place like this I can come to,” Drew said of the juice bar.

Snyder says she’s been working closely with her famous pal to help her lose her baby weight. “She does the program, and she eats all my food and she is great!”

A typical diet recommendation from the celebrity nutritionist?

“My approach is just balancing back to nature,” Snyder said. “I recommend whole food like the glowing green smoothie, which is the foundation of my program. A lot of greens and a lot of plant foods like vegetables.”

And Drew says the program is a breeze to follow.

“I love her because you are able to follow her system,” the new mom gushed. ” I make all her juices at home — I’m like a green drink fanatic and I actually learned from her how to take care of myself, and I still get to be me — so happy!”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Tara

    You kind of need to actually lose the weight before you should give advice.

    • Angela

      She looks like she’s lost weight.

    • naomi


  • Anonymous

    Going on a smoothie and juice diet isn’t very good for you. Too much sugar. Everything in moderation.

  • Lauren

    Here’s an idea… don’t gain 1000lbs while pregnant, then getting the weight off is easy.
    I had no trouble, but that’s because I only gained 10-15 lbs with each pregnancy and had VERY healthy 8lb babies. So don’t believe the “eat for two” nonsense and don’t worry about gaining the “recommended” amount. Your body knows what to do.

    Drew looks great! Not a fan of her diet, though.

  • Jessica

    Thats not true for every @ Lauren.
    I only gained 25 pounds with my baby, and I am having trouble losing my weight.
    I don’t over induldge and I wasn’t allowed to work out until 2 months after birth because I wasn’t completely healed yet due to complete vaginal tearing. My baby is only 4 1/2 months of age so I know that eventually my body will slim back down. Though I doubt it will ever look the same as it did before baby. But for the average person it takes some time and isn’t always easy.

  • Jessica

    Oh but I agree that I don’t like her diet plan.
    I wouldn’t be able to nurse my baby on just a liquid diet. Let alone be able to nourish both our bodies with it.

  • Freya

    you know i cant stand super skinny mums, “you know the ones u see and they dont even look like they had a baby” Usually they arnt much to begin with or have much shape at the start
    im glad i gained a bit of weight, because now i have “shape” my husband tells me it means im a real mummy and he just loves my new curvy body. I was very underweight i started pregnancy at 48 kilograms..im now a healthy 59kg…plus ive got a nice soft sexy tummy, some butt and my hips are curvy and my boobs oh!. Im very happy because i feel like a mummy.

    Lauren, you must have looked like a stick insect whos swallowed a jellybean, how attractive!

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